Strengthened by Biotron SophiaTX Partner

Strengthened by Biotron SophiaTX Partner

Blockchain infrastructure the BIOTRON personal data analysis platform. Payments on the platform where smart contracts can be created between data providers (users) and data clients are made with BTRN tokens.

Biotron, which does not want to allocate resources and energy unnecessarily to the infrastructure, has sought partnership with an active blockchain company in the market. Biotron analysis products provided to users were estimated to be large volumes, so solutions such as Ethereum, Multichain, Waves and Ark were considered to be inadequate. Of these blockchain platforms, only Ethereum has the capacity to remove intelligent contracts, even in limited quantities. However, Ethereum was also abandoned because the operations were expensive and the blockchain was very slow. Biotron CEO Pavol Magic:

“We had to take account of how to integrate our analysis products into the existing ecosystem of institutions while deciding on which blockchain to use.”

Biotron wanted to make a partnership agreement with a business-oriented company like yourself. An institution that knows how its products are used in the decision-making mechanism of projects and how the projects benefit from these analysis products. Therefore, the solution to be developed was to have the technical capacity and infrastructure that could quickly get through thousands, even tens of thousands of microprocesses. Accelerating its quest, Biotron found a partner that met both criteria for capacity and infrastructure. After a very intensive consultation and a highly detailed situational investigation, Biotron announced to the market that it would use the blockchain platform developed by SophiaTX.

sophiatx designed as a blockchain platform with uninterrupted service and business focus. As a SophiaTX trading exchange, Biotron will help clients and their customers create intelligent contracts and organize them through these contracts. The platform that appeals to the whole market is a kind of blood for Biotron. Because the analytical solutions developed by Biotron have many applications in the field. In addition, SophiaTX stands out as the first platform on which SAP, ERP, CRM and SCM systems can be integrated. SophiaTX’s blockchain platform can create the backbone of companies. And this fact adds power to the Biotron’s power.

SophiaTX’s overall structure of the blockchain platform, its operational logic and its characteristics, is in line with the parameters that the data analysis platform Biotron is looking for. A few of them are: Open source software, having predefined smart contracts, low cost of transactions due to a large number of micro payments, direct matching of assets with nominal prices (EUR, USD, JPN), consensus cost, dynamic access permissions control on lists, mobile and web wallet access. Biotron, on the other hand, aims to bring transparency to the personal data sector using a public blockchain platform.

The SophiaTX – Biotron partnership has many benefits for users, customers and analysis, such as easier scalability. Powerful linking systems that make data processing easy are just one of those benefits.

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