Strengthen the cervical muscles with this effective exercise routine

Athough it does not seems, Our cervical area consists of a large number of muscles , because it is an area with a lot of mobility. Today, thanks to these exercises to strengthen cervical, we will avoid and solve various problems related to them.

If you suffer discomfort in the cervical and these are also the reason why you have Headaches , the following exercises will be of great help to you.

Exercises to strengthen cervical

These exercises to strengthen cervical we recommend doing them, at least, between 4 and 5 days a week . They are simple exercises that do not require much time and that you can perform comfortably from anywhere.

1. Head tilt

Strengthen the cervical muscles with this effective exercise routine

In this type of exercises to strengthen the cervical we will work in two different ways that we will describe below:

  • Tilting head forward and backward: The chin should touch the chest and then the head should be thrown back as much as possible. We will do it slowly.
  • Inclination of head towards the sides: Looking towards the front, we inclined the head towards the right and later towards our left, as if we wanted to touch the shoulder with the ear. It must also be done slowly.

2. Head turn

This second exercise can also be done in two ways. The second is much deeper than the first. This exercise consists of looking to our right side and then to the left .

  • We will rotate the head as much as possible.
  • The variation that we can include is to tilt the head forward as much as possible. In that position, we will take the head to each of our shoulders.

3. Circular movements

Strengthen the cervical muscles with this effective exercise routine

This exercise is often used a lot and is ideal to do it after having done the previous two. In this we are just going to draw circles with our head.

  • The key lies in making them as deep as possible. That is, making the head rub our shoulder, our chest, bringing back the head as much as possible …
  • First we will do the circular movements to one side and then to the other . As we mentioned in the first exercise, it is important that all these exercises are slow.

4. Shrug

This exercise would be ideal to do it with some cufflinks or weight in our hands. In this way cervicals can be strengthened even more.

  • The exercise consists of standing or sitting with arms at the sides of the body holding the dumbbells .
  • In this position we will raise our shoulders as much as we can, without moving our heads. There should only be movement in the shoulders.
  • We keep the shoulders raised for about 5 seconds and then return to the starting position to repeat.

5. Exercise in bank

Strengthen the cervical muscles with this effective exercise routine

This last of the exercises to strengthen the cervical muscles should be done with great care. To carry it out we will need a bank in which we will turn face down.

  • The head should be loose looking towards the floor .
  • We place our hands behind the head, as if we were going to do an abdominal. We drop the head and raise it.

In this exercise we can add a little pressure with the hands, so that the cervical muscles are strengthened even more. At other times, we can add weight.

Tips for after the exercises

The importance of performing these exercises to strengthen cervical muscles slowly is because, if we hurry, we can injure ourselves . However, this can be avoided by applying a little heat in the area before exercising.

  • In this way, we heat the area and prepare it for the realization of the aforementioned exercises.
  • It is also very important that we take some measures after performing them. This especially is intended for those people who tend to suffer from cervical problems .
  • Before we apply heat, now it’s time to apply cold. In this way, we reduce the inflammation caused by the exercises and favor recovery.

All these exercises must be supervised by our doctor . He can tell us if we should do without one due to our condition and the intensity that we can apply.

Practicing this type of exercises to strengthen cervicals can avoid many problems in the future. Have you already begun to put them into practice?

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