Stardew Valley will officially arrive to Android and iOS devices

Stardew Valley will officially arrive to Android and iOS devices

In a post publishedOctober 24 , while Android will land on a date to be specified, but will do so a bit later.

Stardew Valley had a great reception on PC and consoles, becoming one of the most addictive games of recent times . This pixelated title offers an interesting proposal, in which users inherit a humble ganja and must perform all kinds of tasks to get it out while creating friendships with the residents of Pelican Town.

It will arrive a little later to Android

The title combines the classic characteristics of RPGs with crafting, adventure, exploration elements and a kind of social simulation. The key to Stardew Valley is that it offers an endless and addictive gaming experience. The announcement also announced that the version of the game that will reach mobile devices will be complete.

Stardew Valley for Android and iOS will have a new interface, a control system and a menu adapted to touch screens . The company has confirmed that the version for smartphones of the title will not have micropayments , so users will only have to pay their sale price: 8.99 euros .

This version includes absolutely all the contents that have been released for the title, such as the Night Market, but it will not have the desired multiplayer mode . In addition, it has also been reported that PC users will be able to export their progress from iTunes and that the mods are not compatible, so any transferred saved data containing mods can cause compatibility problems.

Stardew Valley will arrive in iOS on October 24th, although it is already bookable. From the company have promised that the title will reach Android shortly after , but for now the exact date is unknown in which one of the most popular games of recent times land on this platform.

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