Soon we can use WhatsApp stickers


The official WhatsApp website prepares for the landing of WhatsApp stickers . And is that the company already includes references to the expected stickers in a section of the FAQ or frequently asked questions of the application. A clue that its implementation in mobile applications for iOS and Android will occur imminently.

It’s been a few months since the first references about WhatsApp stickers were discovered. However, to this day we have only had a few brushstrokes of how they will be through WABetaInfo. A source of information that today sheds light on WhatsApp news in advance, this time in relation to when we can use WhatsApp stickers .

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WhatsApp stickers already have references on the official website

As we can read on Twitter, and check personally through the FAQ section of WhatsApp on its official website, the company has already included in this section information about the use of WhatsApp stickers.

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