SolarWinds Orion Network Performance Monitor (NPM)


Network Monitoring is meant to monitor the network and today this process is one of the most important activities of a IT team in an organization that alone can increase the efficiency of services and personnel, save costs. Organize and reassure network administrators.Identify spammers and users who email in vain, identify servers that are in trouble or cause problems, view network traffic and report abnormalities in the form of a report, and besides all this, in addition to software also monitors the hardware on the network. Generally speaking, you can have a robust monitoring system in your organization to get information about what’s happening on your network either in terms of software or hardware.

Due to the scale and complexity of computer networks , managing and monitoring resources in the organization is one of the problems of network managers. Organizations are looking for extensible and flexible tools for network management and monitoring. Monitor monitoring activity Aware of the ever-awake control of the network manager, which includes monitoring traffic and network systems to detect any failures caused by server defects, services, or disconnections, as well as network evaluation in order to optimize its performance. The future. The stronger your monitoring system is, the lower the downside or downtime of the network.

SolarWinds company is one of the largest manufacturers of software Management is in the field of information technology. Founded in 1999, the company has many customers from over 170 countries. SolarWinds, with its customer-oriented slogan, has been able to reduce the cost and complexity of software by removing existing barriers. The company has provided a variety of software solutions for monitoring different IT departments. These products, which are considered to be the most prominent network management and monitoring products, include server and application management, network management, security and logging, storage management and virtual structure management, and bandwidth management and control of workstations. Are far away.

The package provided by the company includes the following software:

– Orion Network Performance Monitor (NPM)
– IP Address Management Software
– Network Configuration Manager
– Network Flow Analyzer (NetFlow Traffic Analyzer)
– Server & Application Monitor
– VoIP Network Quality Manager

Key features of the SolarWinds NPM software:

– Support for a variety of network nodes.
– Diversity reporting.
– Installation simplicity.
– Reliability.
– Tolerance. Network processing load
– Network health monitoring
– Ability to monitor network resource indicators such as CPU usage and memory and disk usage
– Monitor the work quality and equipment quality and environmental conditions
– numerical and graphical reports of the quality and stability of all network components
– check noise Vsygnal data transmission rates in wireless networks
– Optimal use of bandwidth and bandwidth used by users.
– Estimated bandwidth requirements in the future based on current usage.
– Control the amount of bandwidth consumed by each port on a switch.
– Very simple interface.
– Provide web management console.
– the Mac manage users and permissions, as well as groups of users and control access levels
– mail warning when any impairment of equipment even environmental conditions
– ability to auto-detect the network equipment on the network
– ability to schedule programs to monitor network
– support The vast majority of all manufacturing devices are disrupted by manufacturers

Network equipment

– Continuous and accurate monitoring of network performance indicators such as: Bandwidth usage, Packet Loss monitoring, Latency, Errors, Discards, and CPU and RAM usage on SNMP devices and devices where WMI is enabled.

Alert for all network conditions and equipment in it

– The initial installation and configuration of this program takes place in less than an hour
– Have the ability to observe the state of health of hardware
– The ability to use network mapping with the help of ConnectNow
– Simplify the process Generating Network Performance Charts
– Having a Report Center Status
– Having Wireless Polling Ability

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