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Slimming new strategy: Disconnect brain and digestive system!

Slimming new strategy

Recent studies by scientists at the University of Pennsylvania show that a biological mechanism makes communication between the digestive tract and the human brain to create a sense of hunger. Now, these scientists have discovered the composition of various hormones that send the signal to the brain and you do not want to eat.

The hypothalamus was previously believed to be in the brain of the control center, but now it is said that part of the protein-expressing Ago protein neuron (AgRP) is now considered to be the main cause of hunger. . Jay “When these neurons are used, they are actually telling you,” It’s better to eat, you die from starvation, “says the author of the article, Nicholas Botley.

The initial observations of the team suggest that even seeing and smelling food can reduce the activity of the AgRP neurons, so the association of these neurons with food is not so straightforward.

Then, in further research, it became clear that despite deception of the neurons, when the digestive system detects no food or a calorie-free food, it communicates with the brain and activates the hunger message again in about 200 seconds.

In fact, your stomach, no matter how much calorie food you receive, can still send this message to the brain and you will feel hungry. That’s why you often feel hungry after consuming low calorie foods.

After this, when the body realizes the deception of calorie-free foods, it sends messages to the brain to starve again. But scientists, with the combination of three hormones that simultaneously fed food to the tested mice, stop agRP activity, and the body is feeling tired.

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