sleep tracker: 10 best apps for Android

A good night’s rest is very important for health. Those who do not get enough may not feel well during the day. Smartphones can not do all the work. However, they can be useful. There are applications out there that can track your dream. It will tell you when you have been restless, how many times you have woken up, etc. It is a good way to help maintain your health. Here are the best sleep tracking apps for Android.

1. Alarm Clock Xrtem

sleep tracker: 10 best apps for Android

Xrteme Alarm Clock has a lot to do. It is technically an alarm clock application. However, it also comes with sleep tracking features. It has a variety of alarms. The idea is to help people who have trouble waking up by giving them a lot of different ways to try. It will save the time to go to bed and wake up every morning. It will even analyze your sleep quality, as well as the amount. They are not what you think when it comes to sleep tracking applications. However, it does not make half bad.

2. Google Fit

sleep tracker: 10 best apps for Android

Google Fit seems to do almost everything. It will follow your activity, steps, calories, and even your dream. The application is quite basic. You just do things and enter the application as needed. The application then spits out your progress. The application comes with integration with a ton of other services. These include Runkeeper, MyFitnessPal, Lifesum, Sleep as Android and various types of fitness trackers. It even works with Android Wear. It is one of the best sleep trackers. Especially if you use it with other applications.

3. Sleep Better with Runtastic

Sleeping better with Runtastic is a silly name for an application. However, the application is really decent enough. It connects directly to Runtastic. Therefore, you can use both applications to track your sleep and physical condition. The application includes a sleep monitor function, a sleep timer, and even the ability to track the intake of caffeine and alcohol. It allows you to observe your mood when you wake up too. Like most, you will have to put the phone in your bed with you so that you can track your sleep accurately. It’s free to download. The pro version goes for $ 1.99.

4. Sleep as Android

Sleeping like Android is one of the original sleep tracker applications on the mobile. He has been around long enough to mature into something really special. It will follow your sleep cycles as normal. It also comes with support for Android Wear, Pebble (RIP) and Galaxy Gear devices. The application can also be integrated with Google Fit and Samsung Health. You can play binaural tones to help you sleep. It will even act as an alarm clock that makes you solve a captcha before the alarm goes off. The free version is a free two-week trial. After that you will have to pay for it.

5. SleepBot

sleep tracker: 10 best apps for Android

SleepBot It is not one of the most popular of the sleep tracking applications. That does not mean it does not work, however. It comes with support for multiple alarms, widgets support, and will work in airplane mode. You can also set reminders to make sure you go to bed on time. After a bit, you will get graphics that show your sleep movements, sleep patterns, and even record you talking in your dream. You can even back up the data for future use by storing it in the cloud. It is a free application without in-app purchases. It has ads.

6. Sleep Cycle alarm clock

sleep tracker: 10 best apps for Android

The sleep cycle alarm clock is one of the most expensive applications of the sleep tracker. The free version has a fair set of features. It will try to wake you up when you feel you are ready. It also offers sleep analysis, nighttime sleep graphs and several alarms. The premium version includes additional functions. Some of them, like the Philips Hue integration is only for iOS. We thought he was lame. The premium version is a subscription of $ 29.99 per year. We do not know if it’s worth it. The free version is nice, however.

7. Sleep Time

sleep tracker: 10 best apps for Android

Sleep Time is another of the sleep tracking applications with a subscription price. It seems pretty decent, though. It has a variety of alarm clock settings. In addition, it comes with sleep analysis, an awakening algorithm that tries to wake you up when you think you’re ready. It will offer all its statistics in graphics. These are essentially the fundamentals. You’ll have to pay for some of the best things, but that’s fine. Does the basics well enough.

8. Sleep Tracker

sleep tracker: 10 best apps for AndroidSleep Tracker is one of the newest sleep tracking applications on mobile devices. The dream graphics in this one are quite detailed. Try to graph each sleep cycle, including REM, N1, N2 and N3 deep sleep. The application also comes with a dream diary (actually), additional sleep statistics, and much more. It also has a multi-touch snooze timer. Each finger that touches the screen will extend the repetition in five minutes. It is a dangerous feature for late sleepers. It’s really new and we do not know how dedicated the developer is. You can make the cut in next year’s update. Maybe not. We will let you know!

9. SnoreLab

sleep tracker: 10 best apps for AndroidSnoreLab is one of the most exclusive sleep tracker applications. It really does not do most of the basic things. This only records that he snores. It will detect when you snore, record the times and then record what you do. It will also measure the intensity, frequency and more. You can even record when you have been doing things like drinking to see its effects on your snoring. It will email the sound files to you too for easy reference. It will not give you graphics based on your N3 deep sleep cycle, but it’s amazing for snoring.

10. Fitness trackers and manufacturer apps

sleep tracker: 10 best apps for AndroidThe followers of fitness and the manufacturer’s applications make a lot of sense. You use things like your Fitbit almost 24/7. The application can track your dream. Why not use it for that? These have the advantage of being made for specific hardware. That means they can usually do a pretty decent job of recording things. There are also other applications like Samsung Health that have the same advantages. Samsung optimizes the application for the phones they manufacture. Therefore, it may be more accurate than a third-party solution. Your experience may be different. However, you may want to try these before looking for third-party solutions.

If we missed any of the best sleep tracker apps, tell us in the comments! You can also click here to see our latest applications and lists of games for Android.


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