This simple trick will make your smartphone faster

It’s great to have a fast phone. Over time that feeling can be lost, but with this simple trick you can speed up the user experience of your smartphone a bit. It is not necessary to install any application or do anything too sophisticated, just 5 minutes of your time and press a few buttons. Here we go!

How to accelerate any Android

What we are going to do is deactivate the transitions and animations of the phone. This is the type of settings that control what happens when you move from one screen to another, or from one application to the next. They also control how quickly message windows appear.

If you want more information about what these functions do, you will find an explanation a little below. Here are the steps to follow:

Enter the settings of your phone.

Go down and select ‘About Phone’ or ‘Phone information’.

This simple trick will make your smartphone faster

Press repeatedly on ‘Build number’ until a message ‘You are a developer’ appears.

This simple trick will make your smartphone faster

Return to the settings menu and now enter the new option ‘Development options’.

This simple trick will make your smartphone faster

Go down to the ‘Drawing’ subsection.

This simple trick will make your smartphone faster

Below we will find ‘Window animation scale’, ‘Transition-animation scale’ and ‘Animation duration scale’.

This simple trick will make your smartphone faster

Touch each of them and deactivate it.

What is the window animation scale?

The window animation scale represents the time that Android takes to animate a pop-up window. If it is set to 10x, for example, the pop-up window will take a long time to appear.

To see it for yourself, set the window animation scale to 10x, return to ‘Settings’ and re-enter ‘Development options’. Change the ‘Window animation scale’ to its maximum value and you will see what it takes now to open.

What is the transition-animation scale?

The transition-animation scale is basically the same, only with transitions between screens, as between one application and another, or when returning from an application to the home screen.

This is very easy to understand. Change it to ’10x’ and press the start button. It takes a while, right? Turn it off again to improve the speed of your phone.

What is the animation duration scale?

What this value does is control the speed of duration of the animations, obviously. To see it in action, put it in ’10x’ and open YouTube. Do you see how slow the circular animation is?

If you leave the animation duration scale off and open YouTube again, you will see that no circular loading animation appears. This is precisely what changes when you change the value of this scale, but it does not affect much the speed of your phone.

Do you notice that your phone is going faster after this trick?

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