Shazam will soon have integration with Instagram

Shazam will soon have integration with Instagram

Instagram’s integration with third-party applications is growing day by day. Giphy and Spotify are already part of this social network , and Shazam could be on the way. At the moment, Shazam will have integrated new possibilities to share content with Instagram, although for now, to keep it up, the news would first arrive at the terminals with the iOS operating system.

The new features would be related to sharing the songs we have discovered with the Instagram Stories , through the classic sharing functionality found in several applications.

So you can share your discoveries

Shazam, the application recently acquired by Apple, will soon have new features related to Instagram. The service allows us to discover songs through the identification of them. Once the song is discovered, we can access the share menu and upload it directly to our Instagram stories . The integration of Instagram with applications related to music is not something new, and is that the possibility of adding songs from Spotify to our Stories also takes quite a while.

With this new movement Shazam promotes the use of Instagram through shared, and becomes a more complete application. For the moment, as we have already said, the new feature will only be compatible with iOS , so we’ll have to wait to enjoy this feature in Shazam for Instagram. Recall that IG was initially developed for iOS, so it is usual that all major developments first happen through Apple’s operating system.

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