Set up Fortnite notifications and ringtones on Android


At some other occasion we have already told you about everything related to Fortnite for Android . After Know your departure date , we have shown how study the Fortnite map on Android with a simple application and we’ve even shown you the list of compatible smartphones with Fortnite for Android .

But still with everything, the famous game of Epic Games still does not land in the Google Play Store. In the store, however, we can find other types of apps that will dazzle fans of the survival game with which you can fully customize your mobile phone. In this way, we bring a complete app that allows you to configure notifications and Fortnite ringtones on Android.

Download Fortnite Sounboard for Android

Fortnite Soundboard

Customize your smartphone with all kinds of reasons Fortnite It is very simple. A few days ago we collected a lot of Fortnite wallpapers for iOS and Android , and now we go a step further and, instead of offering only images, we also encourage you to download the app Fortnite Sounboard which contains a multitude of Fortnite sounds that you can set on your phone as notification notifications, ringtones, alarms and a long etc …

Set up Fortnite notifications and ringtones on Android

If there is something quite characteristic of Fortnite It’s the amount of dancing we can get for our characters. They have become so famous that even Antoine Griezmann, Madrid’s athletic striker (at the moment) celebrates his goals imitating the peculiar way of dancing of the characters of the game of Epic Games . Now you can also enjoy the music of these dances on your mobile. Just download the app and go to the “Music” tab to click on the Fortnite ringtone desired and set it as notification, alarm or call. If you wish you can also download it, share it, or add it to your favorites list to find it quickly later.

But in the application you will not only find c Fortnite to apply as a ringtone. If you want to give your notifications a more characteristic sound you can always download and configure other sound effects of the game such as weapons, grenades, jumps, emotes or other sounds that play out freely for the game for PS4, Xbox One, PC and iPhone.

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