Senior Engineers Wanted!

Senior Engineers Wanted!

Coinbase Blockchain Participates in the Joint Business Practice Initiative, Looking for Senior Engineers!

Coinbase, a crypto money exchange and wallet service provider, joined the Blockchain Process Evidence joint initiative and became one of the 18 crypto companies that are part of the practice of professional venture.

Coinbase is on its twitter account; they expressed excitement about being part of the Common Procurement practice, which is open source with digital currency protocols. In addition, directly on Bitcoin, Ethereum, Lightning and other protocols senior engineers to work full-time It has announced.

The main purpose behind the implementation of the Blockchain collaborative group is; to create a platform through which small crypto developers can work on different blockchain projects, through the use of a common form, from a single center to a whole firm, rather than through separate applications to separate disclosures to meet the conflicting requirements. In fact, this platform creates a business application space and also gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to present their own projects.

The app itself is a Google form that everyone can easily fill. This form is made up of more questions, along with information such as past work experience of a person, links to their social media accounts, and what is “the coolest thing that has been done or produced”. The vast majority of questions are voluntary, but the more questions are answered, the easier it is to be directed to the appropriate area.

Other companies that use the Business Proof common practice include Sia, Zcash, Dharma, Decentraland, Augur and OpenBazaar. This application will also be open to OSS developers and will be shared with companies running large crypto money projects such as Vertcoin, Bitcoin, Monero and Ethereum.

The crypto community in general is working with Blockchain common practice as well as with different group initiatives to develop Blockchain technology.

Enterprise Ethereum Entrepreneurs have over 200 employees working on privacy and scalability on Ethereum Blockchain. The R3 Blockchain consortium announced plans to establish a new legal center by the end of February and plan to train lawyers in the area of ​​Blockchain.

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