Sending GIF on WhatsApp through links is now easier


The messaging application is not only ideal when exchanging texts with our contacts, but more and more multimedia elements have even more weight. This is the case of animated images, because now sending GIF in WhatsApp through links is now easier, with the latest beta version.

There are as many tricks in WhatsApp as functions, and one of the most popular is that of the states, and this week we have told you how to download and save the states of our friends in the messaging app.

Now you can send GIF in WhatsApp more easily

After important developments such as PiP videos in WhatsApp , the app has introduced a subtle but important change in one of the most relevant content in the app. For a long time WhatsApp integrates its own GIF search engine, being able to search these files while we are composing a message in a simple way. But there are alternative ways to send GIF in WhatsApp, such as through the links. In this way, we copy the GIF link on the web, and paste it into the chat room where we want to send it. Well, until now there was no way to preview the GIF or the ability to download the GIF before sending it. Something that has changed in the latest version of WhatsApp for good.

Sending GIF on WhatsApp through links is now easier

It is in the stable versions of WhatsApp, the 2.18.306 and 2.18.312 , where this new feature has been introduced when sending the GIF files through the application. In this way, now when we paste the link of the GIF in the body of the message, we see a download button of the GIF . In this way, by clicking on the download button, we can see the GIF before sending it, and in this way make sure that we are going to send the correct GIF. In this way the process becomes a kind of preview of the GIF file.

Sending GIF on WhatsApp through links is now easier

Also while we see the preview of the GIF, we can edit the name of this, adding the description we want , so when sending GIFs in WhatsApp through links, we will get the same result as if we did it through our own search engine of the app. This way, one of the loose ends is tied when sending GIF in WhatsApp, and it is just as effective to send them through the app itself as hitting an external link, something that is sometimes much more useful, because we can access to more animated images, which can better describe what we want to convey.

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