Screen shortcuts on Google Maps will arrive very soon


Google continues to update its application ecosystem. No, this time we do not talk about the latest version of Chrome , the powerful mobile browser of the great G. In this case the protagonist is your GPS navigator. And it is that we will soon have Screen shortcuts in Google Maps.

At the time, the Android Police guys studied the code of the last Google Maps APK to discover a new functionality: Shortcuts. Now, several Indian users already have screen shortcuts available in Google Maps.

Screen shortcuts on Google Maps will arrive very soon

How screen shortcuts work in Google Maps

Say that this new Google Maps tool It is not available to the vast majority of users, although the person who has tried this function on their phone reports that the version they use from Google Maps is v9.72.2.

Say that these Screen shortcuts in Google Maps They appear as small cards with three options of series besides the possibility of adding more options. For now we can see 14 different options to choose: nearby food, cinemas, shopping centers, subway and bus stations, guide to get home and work, traffic reports, timeline, download an area offline, share the location or activate the driving mode.

Screen shortcuts on Google Maps will arrive very soon

Once the mode of screen shortcuts for Google Maps is available we can choose four options to appear on the main screen of Google. We see that this new in Google Maps appears at the bottom

The M A mechanism to create screen shortcuts in Google Maps It is very simple: once the update reaches all the devices you just have to go to Settings in the window where these shortcuts appear, and select which of them you want them to appear.

As we told you, this novelty in Google Maps It is only available in India and for a small group of users so we will have to wait to confirm that finally the screen shortcuts will reach the GPS navigator of the company based in Mountain View.

It could well be that these shortcuts are oriented to the Google Maps interface for users in India, which has some differences with respect to the world version, although seeing its usefulness most likely it ends up landing in the international version of Maps.

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