Save the WhatsApp status of your friends without them knowing


Many are not enough to see the WhatsApp status of their friends and colleagues from the instant messaging application and, sometimes, you can find interesting content you want to save on your phone. There are several ways to do it but the simplest one allows, at the same time, saving the WhatsApp status of your friends without them knowing it.

The states of WhatsApp can be composed of photographs or videos. Saving the images is simple because it is enough to take a screenshot. However, this method is somewhat uncomfortable, since at the time of performing this action, in the obtained image you will find extra information from the interface of the WhatsApp states . With the videos the thing becomes something more complicated then, unless your operating system allows you to record what happens on the screen, saving videos from WhatsApp states is almost impossible.

But in MovilZona, the word “impossible” helps us investigate thoroughly with our ADSLZone colleagues to find solutions throughout the Network that allow us, in the case of today, to save the WhatsApp status thanks to the browser of files from our Android mobile.

Save the WhatsApp status with the mobile browser

Sure you have a file browser installed by default on the smartphone. There are usually two types of these applications as some show the hidden folders of WhatsApp and others do not. If you have the bad fortune that yours is more limited, you should not worry about downloading the

Once inside, you will see a folder called Media and inside, if your browser is able to locate the hidden folders of the mobile, you will find a folder called “Statuses” , this is where you will find the contents of your contacts hosted in the WhatsApp states ready for be saved, shared, edited, or stored in any other folder of your device with easier access.

To be able to save the WhatsApp status of your friends without knowing the only requirement, in addition to locating the hidden folders, is to do this process within 24 hours of publication, otherwise the images and videos will disappear from the file browser .

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