Samsung works on a Galaxy A with SD845 alternative to the iPhone XR?


This week Apple has presented its new iPhone, three new models in total, which have confirmed the transition from the design of the iPhone 8 to the iPhone X , and that has discovered the iPhone XR . Well, now we know that Samsung could be working on a mid-range Galaxy A with the Snapdragon 845 processor as an alternative to the iPhone XR.

There is no doubt that the iPhone XR has become one of the most interesting options in the mid-range, as it is as powerful as the iPhone XS, has a large screen and Face ID , and all, within a reasonable price , always taking into account the high prices of Apple.

A Samsung Galaxy A with Snapdragon 845 as an alternative to the iPhone XR

It seems that Samsung will further enhance its mid-range, which has the Samsung Galaxy A to the most powerful mid-range phones of the brand, and in which we normally see Exynos mid-range processors at most. But just as now Samsung would be preparing a phone with four cameras of rear photos , we have also known thanks to the tweet of a leakster, which could be developing also its most powerful middle range to date .

Samsung works on a Galaxy A with SD845 alternative to the iPhone XR?

Galaxy A8

This information points directly to the fact that a new member of the Samsung Galaxy A range could arrive shortly with the Snapdragon 845 processor , a processor normally reserved for Samsung Galaxy S and Note in the United States. So according to this information we would begin to see Samsung’s mid-range phones with features that until now were exclusive to the top of the range. And of course, this move by Samsung could be related to the recent presentation of the iPhone XR .

Samsung works on a Galaxy A with SD845 alternative to the iPhone XR?

The Koreans could use a new formula, and place on the market a Galaxy A as powerful as the Samsung Galaxy S9 or Note 9 , and sacrifice some aspects to lower their cost. It would be a mid range with very premium phone airs. Recall that the iPhone XR is available from 859 euros, a price just 60 euros lower than the Galaxy S9 when it was launched on the market. So by imagining, we could see a Samsung Galaxy A, with an infinite AMOLED screen, Snapdragon 845 processor , 4GB of RAM, 64GB of storage and a large camera.

Samsung works on a Galaxy A with SD845 alternative to the iPhone XR?

Perhaps a step below the top of the range, although it is speculated that it could be triple , at a lower price than the Galaxy S or Galaxy Note. Obviously, Apple’s movement does not have to be related to Samsung’s, but it is clear that the jump between Samsung’s top-end and if more powerful midrange, right now, is very large, so it does not It would be nothing far-fetched to fill that gap with a great premium mid-range top , at a more adjusted price.

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