Samsung shows the technologies that will star the Galaxy S10 and Note 10


These days Samsung is detailing the new features that will incorporate their new smartphones for next year. During the “Samsung OLED Forum of 2018” held yesterday at the Shenzhen Marriott Hotel in China have shown some of the new technologies that would equip the screens of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and the Samsung Galaxy S10 .

There is no doubt that Samsung wants to renew its high range in 2019 after two generations betting on a quite similar design. That is why the screen would once again be the main protagonist of some phones that probably equipped a triple camera system like the one we recently saw in the , although they could also bet everything on everything and launch mobile phones with 4 sensors like those of the .

Four great novelties

Beyond rambling about the design of the rear cameras of the phone, what we can know today is that the screen of the Samsung Galaxy S10 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 (or, at least, one of the two range stops) will integrate 4 great news regarding what was seen in this last year in the .

Samsung shows the technologies that will star the Galaxy S10 and Note 10

As seen in the slide, Samsung has developed a whole hardware ecosystem around the screen of their next phones. In what the brand calls “Sensor Integrated Technology” there are 4 key features that we probably see in the Samsung Galaxy S10 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.

  • FoD (Fingerprint on Display), that is, the fingerprint technology located under the screen
  • UPS (Under Panel Sensor) or, what is the same, sensor technology under the screen (including the front camera)
  • HoD (Haptic on Display): touch-sensitive touch technology to better control games without the need for external gamepads
  • SoD (Sound on Display), a kind of screen sound technology

Of the first we were already warned, while the second is perhaps the most striking, because it would allow the screen of Samsung’s future mobile phones to occupy the entire front, without frames, and with the front camera hidden under the screen. This is something we discovered in his day when that kind of

As for the sound on screen, we have more questions because it is similar to what Xiaomi raised and that has received so much criticism when using a system that vibrates sound to the ear.

We hope that the Korean company will confirm all this news for its future range tops at the next MWC in Barcelona.

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