Samsung mocks the "notch where planes can land" from the Google Pixel 3 XL

Samsung mocks the "notch where planes can land" from the Google Pixel 3 XL

, and we have even been able to touch it for an hour to bring directly from Google offices.

We are not as opposed to two very powerful models, with attractive design and with the best symbiosis of the android market between hardware and software , as well as with

Anyway, there are some who the design of the new phones ‘made by Google’ would squeak , especially in the case of a Pixel 3 XL with a ‘notch’ quite disproportionate that has aroused some comments and criticism, and even the humor of a Samsung placed by a user on Twitter to give his opinion on the new phablet with Google’s eyebrow:

“You could land a plane on it,” that’s the hilarious response of Samsung Mobile US – or at least the community manager of its US division – who perhaps did not think about the consequences of making a joke with airplanes when . Or yes … we do not know.

The truth is that the conversation continued on the social network in many ways, although the account of” kept the tone of humor when other users>suggested that Google should correct the design disaster with a huge eyebrow learning from Samsung , to which they responded from the Korean firm that “not all have been born to lead” .

Since Google have not entered the rag and there is no response, so the little mockery of Samsung is going to be an anecdote more than a marketing machine in which almost everyone wants to enter. Not in vain, doesWho will be the next to go out and play this game?

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