Samsung is again making fun of the iPhone in its new ads of the Galaxy Note9

Samsung is again making fun of the iPhone in its new ads of the Galaxy Note9

Samsung does not waste time: only one day after having presented what is probably the best smartphone in its history, the South Korean is already remembering its rivals in Cupertino . Taking advantage of the launch of his new phone, that we knew yesterday, the brand wanted to share a couple of new ads in the series “Ingenius”, focused on questioning the capabilities of Apple phones.

Only a few weeks ago, we saw , in which Samsung mocked, among other things, the need to purchase adapters to use the latest Apple iPhone models, for the lack of fast charging in the terminals using the charger included in the box, or by the download speed, clearly inferior to that of the latest Samsung terminals. Now, the Seoul-based brand is back in charge, with two new announcements .

The first of the clips, refers to the new S-Pen of the Samsung Galaxy Note9 , completely renewed and more advanced than ever, thanks to the Bluetooth connectivity that it incorporates, or to functions such as the possibility of taking pictures without touching the mobile, only using the button included in the stylus. On this occasion, Samsung puts the spotlight on the Apple Pencil , only compatible with the iPad. In the announcement, the employee of the Apple Store does not have an answer to the question of a client who wants to use a stylus on his iPhone. Given this situation, the Genius has no choice but to recommend to his client to use his finger to operate the phone.

On the other hand, Samsung mocks the iPhone X indicating that one of the unique features of the phone as it is the Face ID that allows unlock the terminal with the user’s face, is also included in the latest mobile Galaxy Note series -eso Yes, using a much less accurate and secure mechanism than the infrared cameras of the Apple model. At that time, with the idea of ​​finding new advantages to the terminal of the bitten apple, the alleged employee of the store claims that with the iPhone X and iOS 12 it is possible to make video calls through Face Time with up to 32 people simultaneously, to which the client responds, “why would I want to do that?”

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