Samsung is about to finalize the design of its folding mobile: these are its details

Samsung is about to finalize the design of its folding mobile: these are its details

The news and rumors about the imminent arrival of a folding Samsung Galaxy do not stop. Today, thanks to” we have news that>Samsung would be closer to finalizing the design of its folding phone , which would have an interface fully adapted to it, and quite different from the rest of the Galaxy family.

The doubts about whether it will end up presenting at the end of this year or if the dates will be extended until 2019 continues, although there is certainty that the terminal is closer and closer to being a reality. Today, we talk about this folding phone , and the plans that Samsung has for this new and differential device.

The most differential they have done in years

Samsung is about to finalize the design of its folding mobile: these are its details

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This device will not have a fingerprint reader under the screen, something that will incorporate with almost total certainty the Samsung Galaxy S10, and everything indicates that it will have a 4-inch external panel in which we can see the notifications without opening the device when folded . The opening mechanism would be similar to that of the old shell phones, although with greater care and care, since this terminal is destined to be one of the most premium Samsung has ever created.

The folding Samsung Galaxy will be the riskiest concept ever presented by the South Korean firm, although it sows many doubts about its hardware, since the integration of internal components in a device of this type is somewhat compromised.

The weight would be about 200 grams, figures close to what we find in a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 or one of the new iPhone XS Max or XR. The battery would be small enough to not increase the weight of the device anymore . On the other hand, tests have been done to measure the duration of the manual opening mechanism , with up to 200,000 repetitions without the least of the problems of slackness or wear.

In short, Samsung is finalizing the details of this folding device that we hope to see in no time. It will not be a terminal destined for massive sales , but rather the introduction of a new concept that would come to try to measure the success of the proposal. Recall that the initial Samsung Galaxy Note Edge was a strange and marginal concept, but that ended up marking a line of design that even other terminals have followed years later.

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