Samsung has just opened the world’s largest smartphone factory

Samsung has just opened the world's largest smartphone factory

It is in India, it is Samsung, and with its 129,000 square meters it is already considered as the largest smartphone factory on the planet. As part of the expansion plan for the production operations of, the South Korean company has just inaugurated a new factory located near New Delhi, India, with the aim of increasing the pace of manufacturing and creating more and more terminals for the fastest growing emerging market in recent years.

The location has been chosen by Samsung due to the reduced manufacturing and labor costs of the country , which will allow the company to reduce costs when producing its terminals. In addition, the brand will have a greater advantage when it comes to competing with rivals such as Xiaomi, which today is the company that sells the most smartphones in the country.

The largest smartphone factory in the world is from Samsung and is in India

Samsung has just opened the world's largest smartphone factory

As they point, given that manufacturing costs in China have become more expensive over the years, Samsung has found the solution to this problem by taking a part of its production to India, with this huge factory that will be mainly destined to the manufacture of affordable cutting smartphones . Nevertheless,that both, As the, they are already manufactured in the plant located in the Indian city of Noida.

Of course, the smartphones produced in this new factory will not only be sold in the Indian market, but will be exported to all the countries in which the firm operates officially.

A larger manufacturing facility, spread over 129,000 square meters, will help Samsung meet the growing demand for its innovative products and services across the country and will also meet the company’s goal of turning India into an export hub for the country. world.

Given the capacity of the factory, Samsung says they can double the number of smartphones manufactured annually up to 120 million units per year, once the expansion is carried out completely. And given that today India is the second largest smartphone market globally, it is clear that Samsung’s strategy is to conquer this market, with a potential audience greater than one billion users , and add another country to the list of countries where the company already dominates above the rest.


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