Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, analysis: Specifications, features, prices, etc.


Magnificent design

Bright and colorful screen

Chamber full of functions

Excellent photo quality in low light

Good sound from stereo speakers


Battery life could be better

Live Focus produces blurry photos

He Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus is the most advanced large phone you can buy today thanks to its large screen and excellent cameras, even if everything looks identical to last year’s S8 Plus.

No drastic changes to the design, it’s just an iterative update of the S8 Plus, but it’s an iterative update of an Android phone that has been located at the top of our list of best phones for the past 11 months. That is important to remember.

We have tested the Galaxy S9 Plus for almost two weeks, and its low-light and large-screen photos are the two highlights. It’s still the great 6.2-inch Samsung Infinity curved screen that will sell you on this more expensive 5.8-inch Galaxy S9 phone, but both phones have an enhanced 12MP camera that has a maximum aperture of f / 1.5.

This is the first camera phone with such a wide aperture, which gives the S9 and S9 Plus low light and anti-noise powers that are more advanced than those of even the Google Pixel 2, our previous phone camera better .

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, analysis: Specifications, features, prices, etc.

The S9 Plus also benefits from the dual lens rear camera, which gives you the same telephoto capabilities as last year’s Note 8 (the S9 has a lens on the back). You can also capture super slow videos at 960 frames per second if you seriously care about the video and, if it is not, use your 8MP front camera to paint your face with the accessories and AR Emoji masks.

Samsung has heard the negative comments regarding phones last year, and has moved its rear fingerprint sensor to a centered position. It’s a more natural location, although you may not even need it thanks to a safer facial unlocking and on-board iris scanning. By addressing another deficiency of the S8 Plus, Samsung finally gives its flagship stereo speakers for superior sound.

If you are thinking about putting emphasis on stereo speakers, face unlocking, AR Emoji and dual 12MP vertically stacked cameras it sounds like these are Samsung’s functions for iPhone X, you’re right. The S9 Plus tries to match everything Apple can do, but at a larger screen size and with a 3.5mm headphone jack, and also exceeds the low-light photography of Google Pixel 2 XL.

What is interesting is that Apple and Google phones are not the fiercest competition for the S9 Plus: they are Samsung’s own phones. The now cheaper Galaxy S8 Plus is a progressive rebate, ideal for anyone who is impatient for the high price S9 Plus, while the Galaxy Note 9 is six months away, perfect for the first users who have a lot of money and a tilt for the S Pen and a slightly larger screen. That positions the S9 Plus at the top temporarily.

At this time it is the best Android phone in 2018, although expensive, until Galaxy Note 9 is released in the second half of this year.

Samsung Galaxy S9 release date and price

  • Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus release date: March 16
  • $ 840 (£ 869, AU $ 1,349) marks a jump in price
  • It’s still cheaper than an iPhone X

The official release date of Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus is Friday, March 16, with pre-orders open on February 25 in the United Kingdom and Europe, and March 2 in the U.S.

Its price is more expensive than last year’s S8 Plus in the United States and the United Kingdom. In the United States, it costs $ 839.99 for the unlocked S9 Plus through the official Samsung website. That’s only $ 10 more expensive than the S8 Plus, but now it’s $ 120 more expensive than the normal-sized S9. The gap is widening.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, analysis: Specifications, features, prices, etc.

Of course, the operators of EE. UU Like Verizon, AT & T, T-Mobile and Sprint will divide this into digestible monthly fees, although Verizon and AT & T charge $ 100 more in the long term. But almost all US operators are offering $ 350 for recent phone exchanges.

In the United Kingdom, the Galaxy S9 Plus costs £ 869. That’s a big price hike on the S8 Plus, which cost £ 779 at launch. That’s £ 90 more in a year. Oh. In Australia it costs AU $ 1,349.

EE in the United Kingdom has announced that the S9 Plus is now available for pre-order. Your Essential plan starts at £ 150 in advance and £ 63 per month for 4 GB of data. If you upgrade to the plan Max gets 60 GB of data plus two years of access to the BT Sports app for £ 78 per month. In addition, buyers can get £ 250 off by trading on their Samsung Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 Edge.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus – Design

  • Smart and stylish design of Samsung’s glass and metal smart phone
  • Small changes: rear fingerprint sensor aligned to the center; stereo speakers
  • You will not notice the size differences of the S8 Plus

The Galaxy S9 Plus is the smartest looking smartphone you can buy thanks to Samsung continuing its design spirit of fusing two glass panels with a metal frame. It does not look very different from the S8 Plus, but that does not matter unless you’re updating every year and demand annual innovation.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, analysis: Specifications, features, prices, etc.

Samsung has made small but significant changes on the back of their new phones. You will find the fingerprint sensor on the back again, but now it is aligned in the center, below the camera. The S8 Plus had a highly defamed scrolling scanner adjacent to the camera, and it was difficult to blindly unlock your phone without staining the camera lens. This is an improvement, although we found that the fingerprint sensor pad is smaller than those of most other Android phones.

You can choose one of four colors, including the new Lilac Purple. Other S9 color options at launch include Midnight Black and Coral Blue in the United States, the United Kingdom and Europe; There is also a Gray Titanium tone available in other countries. Our Midnight Black review unit was a mess with fingerprints, even though we erased it between the photos. It’s another reason to invest in an elegant Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus case.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, analysis: Specifications, features, prices, etc.

And that’s all about the design: you will not notice anything new that is new to the exterior of the S9 Plus. The dimensions have changed a few millimeters to reduce the upper and lower bevels, which makes the phone a little shorter than the S8 Plus, but it’s still a really big phone.

You will still have to stretch your fingers to touch the corners of the screen furthest from your grip. Browsing Google Maps on the fly, for example, can be a cumbersome task, so if you have hesitated to buy large – screen phones your best option is the smaller Galaxy S9. This is a big phone for big mittens.

Unlike many of its rivals, Samsung is next to the 3.5mm headphone jack and the microSD card slot. It also gives us a second year of the Bixby button on the left side of the phone to call your digital assistant. No, you still can not reassign this button to your liking without a third-party software and, yes, you will continue to press it, thinking that it is the closest volume reduction key.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus – Screen

  • Curved screen Quad HD + Super AMOLED of 6.2 inches
  • 90% of the front of the phone is now a screen
  • There is no fingerprint sensor on the screen here

The 6.2-inch Samsung screen on the Galaxy S9 Plus is as wide as it is impressive. It has not changed since the previous Infinity Display of the company, but it has been presented as a fantastic screen, so it is also good for us.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, analysis: Specifications, features, prices, etc.

Its high aspect ratio of 18.5: 9 has set the standard for full-screen smartphones. It can display a Quad HD + resolution, but still looks exceptional in Full HD 1080p by default. It is the combination of the curved edges of futuristic aspect, the vibrant colors and the high contrast ratio that makes it explode.

We also appreciate the fact that Samsung has created a screen that occupies 90% of the front of the S9 Plus. There is very little bevel here, and there is no notch whatsoever, which makes you feel as if you were holding a great beam of beautiful light in your hand.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, analysis: Specifications, features, prices, etc.

That beautiful ray of light is prone to occasional false touches, which we experience due to a combination of the curved screen and our firm understanding of such a large phone. It’s not fun to see the text messages disappear just because our little finger looked at the backspace key (which is near the edge) while trying to grab this huge 6.2-inch screen.

There is no fingerprint sensor on the screen, although we have already seen Chinese phone manufacturers debut with technology. That highlight can be saved for Note 9, or maybe for the Galaxy S10.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus – AR Emoji

  • Samsung’s answer to Apple’s Animoji is a bit half cooked
  • Easy to save and share in any third-party application

Like it or not, Samsung’s response to Apple’s Animoji is here on the Galaxy S9 Plus with the debut of AR Emoji. Use the 8 megapixel front camera to analyze a 2D image of yourself and then assign more than 100 different facial features to a 3D avatar.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, analysis: Specifications, features, prices, etc.

Samsung’s version of AR masks reflects facial expressions in a customizable avatar, but it does so quite rigidly using a single camera and software-based algorithms. The AR Emoji movement can not be compared to the TrueDepth camera set for Apple’s iPhone X.

The good news is that it’s easy to send AR Emoji messages to friends. Samsung has chosen to record their expressions (either a personalized or prefabricated message) in the universal GIF format. Friends / former friends who own non-Samsung phones can enjoy / dislike their constant AR nonsense.

The comments of friends? Our AR people do not look like us, no matter how many times we have gone through the creation process, and we find that AR Emojis is the least compelling reason to buy the Galaxy S9 Plus: the novelty quickly disappears.

However, you will find more variety in the Samsung Emoji AR menu. Besides being able to change the sex, the skin color and the hairstyle of your human avatar, you can scroll through creative AR stickers, in case you want to wear a rabbit bunny or wear a more gangster outfit complete with sunglasses, chains, hats and handkerchiefs This is Samsung’s opinion of what Snapchat can do, and at least it’s a little more creative.


  • Bixby Voice is a very intelligent assistant who does not always listen well
  • Bixby Vision can provide live translations with correct results
  • Internet connection is required for functions to work

The S9 Plus starts with Bixby Voice and Bixby Vision built-in, an improvement over last year’s Galaxy phones that saw Samsung’s AI function disabled for several months.

What is here from the first day is a sometimes convincing virtual assistant intended to compete with Siri and the Google Assistant. Actually, you can do a little more by following the commands, asking “Open Twitter and tweet” This is what it is to be the only one in the office @futureplc NYC on a snow day # SamsungGalaxyS9 “” Let me dictate my tweet without requiring you to open it the application or write.

Apple and the Google AI can not continue like this. However, both can understand me better than Bixby, and that is a big problem. You see, Bixby kept thinking that I said “Future Peel See” when he was dictating that tweet, and when I asked him “Send an email to Gareth Beavis with the subject: ‘How’s your review of the Galaxy S9 going?'” He said everything. but he ended the topic with ‘Mark asks.’ Bixby is like an intelligent student who routinely does not listen.

Bixby Vision makes its way with features such as live translation. You can decode a sign or menu in a foreign language by pointing your camera at it, all without taking a picture and waiting for it to be translated. It is good news for travelers, although they will need data to feed this Internet-connected feature and Google Translate back-end is far from reliable. It is useful in case of trouble, but we found asking for the menu in English much easier.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, analysis: Specifications, features, prices, etc.

Bixby Vision will also continue to name and detail milestones through the intelligence of the location and trying to identify food, and now has the useful power (or inducer of shame) to inform the amount of calories in that food. But his ability to correctly name food is more of a joke than a reliable tool when he guesses that a lollipop is a corndog.

The 8MP front camera is used if you want a makeover. Bixby Vision has a new makeup mode, overlaying several blushes, mascara and lipsticks through partnerships with the cosmetic brands CoverGirl and Sephora. It is an augmented reality feature designed to “guide you through the flow of purchase,” notes Samsung. It seems more like an ordered technical demo for your new phone, and not a convincing use of the buzzword ‘AI’.

Improved biometrics

  • Facial unlocking and iris scanner now work at the same time
  • It works fine, but the success rate follows Apple’s face ID

New in the S9 Plus is the fact that the face unlock biometry and the iris scanner now work at the same time to unlock the phone. This is Samsung’s response to Apple’s Face ID technology.

It works most of the time. Every time our eyes and mug looked down, the phone would open very quickly, except when we were walking in bright sunlight, and that’s the kind of situation where you’ll want to check Google Maps again or respond quickly to a message to say “I’m on my way.”

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, analysis: Specifications, features, prices, etc.

We have had similar problems with Face ID on the iPhone X and we experience more here. Even a success rate of 95% of every 100 attempts to unlock on a normal day means that it will fail five times a day, and that is annoying. Samsung’s facial unlocking technology has also been faked in the past, so enabling it could leave it vulnerable even if it’s not exactly easy to decipher.

None of these “futuristic” options is as simple as unlocking your phone through a good old-fashioned fingerprint sensor, technology that both companies removed from their phones last year. At least Samsung includes a rear fingerprint sensor as an alternative unlocking method.

Here’s something fun we learned from trying the S9 Plus: Samsung now allows you to hide the content of notifications until the scanners recognize your eyes or face. That’s great for privacy, but as soon as you recognize it, it will bypass the locked screen, and you’ll have to turn down the notification tone again. Apple had a very similar problem when Touch ID Gen 2 worked very well and screen lock notifications disappeared before anyone could read them.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus – Speakers

  • Stereo speakers finally reach what Apple did on the iPhone 7
  • 40% louder than the latest S8 Plus loudspeaker
  • It is still not as clear as a sound compared to the iPhone X speakers.

You can not really see it, but the Galaxy S9 Plus, along with the Galaxy S9, has stereo speakers, the first for a Samsung flagship and, frankly, a long-awaited addition to the world’s smart phone leader.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, analysis: Specifications, features, prices, etc.

AKG Acoustics, owned by Samsung, has finely adjusted the brand new top speaker and rear return speaker to be 40% louder than the S8 Plus’s only loudspeaker. And support for Dolby Atmos brings 360 degree simulated sound for the new smartphone.

These two S9 Plus speakers are quite noisy and sound almost as clear as the iPhone X speakers in our audio tests. Apple has been outfitting its phones with stereo speakers since the iPhone 7, so we’re happy to see Samsung catch up.

The best part of having stereo speakers in the Galaxy S9 Plus? It will not accidentally mute all the lower speaker sound when you hold the phone in landscape mode. That has been a constant problem with Samsung’s previous smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus – Camera

  • The first opening f / 1.5 of the world in a telephone
  • The double opening technology works like the human eye
  • Slow motion video capture at 960 fps is fun, but grainy

Samsung is ready for all its low-nightmare nightmare photography scenarios with the Galaxy S9 Plus camera and its new f / 1.5 aperture, the world’s first for a smartphone camera.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, analysis: Specifications, features, prices, etc.

Its magic is the Dual-Aperture technology, which switches between an aperture f / 1.5 (attracts more light for darker scenes) to an aperture f / 2.4 (reduces the amount of light captured to prevent photos from being overexposed). Samsung says it mimics how the human eye adjusts to light.

The S9 Plus can now be submerged in 28% more light with 30% less noise compared to the S8 Plus. It also has the advantage that Samsung adds DRAM to its stack of image sensors, which allows the photos to be composed of a composite of 12 frames instead of 3 frames. Samsung has made major changes to the camera’s hardware, compared to LG’s pure software AI approach with the new LG V30S ThinkQ , and the results speak for themselves.

All these innovative tricks of the camera mean that it looks like someone lit more lights in your dimly lit pub and pictures of cranky restaurants. In fact, you’ll see the brightest photos from a smartphone with the Galaxy S9 Plus, and very little of the noise we’re all used to seeing when phone manufacturers artificially increase the brightness.

However, there are sacrifices in f / 1.5. The photos can be seen excessively processed, with smooth or waxy skin and a general lack of texture, at night. It is also easier to detect a blur, even if the subjects barely move. The photos are brighter than the ones we recorded on the iPhone X and Google Pixel 2 XL, but the Samsung camera likes to omit the texture in the name of brightness. It really is a photography style preference.

The cameras are different between the Galaxy S9 and the Galaxy S9 Plus. Samsung’s largest phone inherits the Note 8’s dual lens camera feature, which gives it a telephoto lens for optically focused photos without distortion. This second lens also allows photos of portraits with ‘Live Focus’ rich in bokeh that never seem to be perfect, but that are on par with the blurred background effects that are compatible with Google Pixel 2 and iPhone X.

The front camera has not changed from the Galaxy S8 Plus to the S9 Plus, using an 8MP sensor with the autofocus capability that has hitherto been unique to Samsung phones. The images of this selfie camera are bright, but too saturated. Samsung’s tendency to make colors striking works for everything else, even landscape photographs with the back camera, but it can make skin tones look a little redder than the more natural iPhone X tones.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus – Specifications

Processor Octa-core 2.8GHz Exynos 9810
screen 5.8in (2.960 x 1.440)
Camera Front- 8- megapixels
Storage 64GB
Wifi 802.11ac
Dimensions 147.7 x 68.7 x 8.5 mm
Weight 163g
OS Android 8.0
Battery 3,500mAh

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus – Battery life

  • 3,500mAh battery
  • The same battery life throughout the day as the Galaxy S8 Plus
  • Fast loading was faster in our tests

We tested the Samsung Galaxy S9 battery, and it looks a lot like the rest of the phone: it matches what we saw from the Galaxy S8 Plus a year ago. That translates to the battery’s lifespan throughout the day.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, analysis: Specifications, features, prices, etc.

It has a 3,500mAh capacity battery, just like last year’s phone, and is still larger than the Galaxy S9 and Note 8 of 3,000mAh and 3,300mAh. It’s the biggest battery you can get in a new Samsung flagship. We were hoping to gain a few hours more courtesy of the new and more efficient chipsets that power the S9 and the S9 Plus, but that has not happened.

Samsung, once again, is not exceeding the limits of its battery capacity, perhaps understandably given its false steps with the Galaxy Note 7. ProLiant, however, has slightly improved loading times, according to our tests.

In our lab test, when running HD video in a loop for 90 minutes, the battery sank from 100% to 87%, the exact 13% decrease we saw from the largest Samsung phone of last year. However, it has slightly improved loading times, according to our tests.

Fast charging The S9 Plus with the included charger for only 15 minutes takes it from 0% to 19%, and 30 minutes takes it to 38%; at 45 minutes, the phone reaches a comfortable 58%. In the end, it takes one hour and 41 minutes to reach 100%, just like the Galaxy S8 Plus. But from a dead battery, it charges faster at those crucial lower levels.

Samsung also supports fast wireless charging and sells a lot of wireless charging pads. Your Qi wireless charging method is still not as fast as cable charging speeds, but it’s faster than you can wirelessly charge an iPhone X.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus – Gallery

Final verdict

The Galaxy S9 is the best that Samsung has to offer to a really big size. Its 6.2-inch curved screen is spacious and elegant, even if it seems that nothing has changed.

The S9 Plus features that have been modified are important. The fingerprint sensor is now in an ideal place on the back, the speakers finally give us a beaten stereo sound on a Samsung flagship and, most importantly, the camera focused on low light captures bright photos in the dark Instead of saddling us with a bunch of disposable, dimly lit items. We also enjoyed the super slow camera. He’s a better camera phone speaker, sure.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, analysis: Specifications, features, prices, etc.

The Galaxy S9 Plus also checks all the other boxes for an iterative update: its new chips provide faster performance, it has more RAM and its virtual assistant is smarter, but still has faults. Color us with a face not surprised at AR Emoji.

Actually, we did not care about AR Emoji in any way, shape or face transformation. We’re going to pretend that it does not exist. It’s a fun show to show friends at best, and Samsung’s failed attempt to match Apple’s current technology (but also quite insignificant).

There are three major obstacles to owning the Galaxy S9 Plus. First of all, it is a great phone designed for big hands. If you do not like it, choose the normal-sized S9 for easy one-handed operation, even if you like additional screen space, RAM and battery life. Second, it is more expensive than the S9. It’s a lot to pay 0.4 inches of extra screen space and more power. Third, the Galaxy Note 9 is expected in August, and the Note phones are historically a bit larger and noticeably better than Samsung’s S-level flagships and include a handy S Pen.

Of course, if you want a really big phone at the moment, you will not find a better one than the S9 Plus. It’s our favorite phone for people with big hands and big wallets.


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