Samsung Galaxy S9 gift: a new case of phishing


Today we echo a new scam that is already circulating on the network, in case you did not know, Samsung has a whopping 80 years old , and that is why some organization or person wanting to get rich at the expense of others, has started a chain of spam emails that are nothing but a new case of phishing.

Phishing is a fraud technique that is based on the impersonation of the identity of another person or organization with the purpose of creating an appearance of veracity of such entity that produces deception in the recipient of the same, obtaining from this person a behavior that It is harmful or unfavorable to them.

In the case at hand, and as already happened with the case of the Samsung Galaxy S8 for 1 euros , this spam mail tries to get the user to provide their banking information to the creator of this chain. So is this new computer scam.

Samsung Galaxy S9 gift: the manufacturer announces its falsehood

It was Samsung itself that announced the falsity of this promotion, according to which Samsung has chosen 80 lucky people from 80 different countries to give them a Samsung Galaxy S9 Gift.

Samsung Galaxy S9 gift: a new case of phishing

We know that the idea of ​​getting free with one of the best devices on the market is very tempting for anyone, but that should not be an obstacle for us not to keep a cool head.

And we must think that almost never give anything away in a totally altruistic way; and of course, when it is the case, it is not usually done through an email, but usually the official channels are used and with all the guarantees that ensure the veracity of the gift.

Samsung Galaxy S9 gift: a new case of phishing

The case before us is accompanied by a link in which we must fill in all the data of our credit card, and this is another of the things that we must take into account, that our bank details they should only be supplied in stores of known reputation and always with all precautions.

Also, the scam itself is pretty irrational , because if someone wants to “give us” something, why do they need our banking information? Should not a shipping address be sufficient?

Samsung Galaxy S9 gift: a new case of phishing

This case of fraud also seeks to cloud the judgment of the recipient with the idea that the offer is very limited in time , and that in addition we can choose the color we want, with the idea that the impulse to click and fill in our data is even greater.

In short, although a Samsung Galaxy S9 gift is very tempting, the best you can do is to follow the advice of the company itself. Delete the mail, do not click in the link and much less provide your data. Then do not say that we have not warned you.

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