Samsung Galaxy S7, S8 or S9, which one has sold better?

Samsung Galaxy S7, S8 or S9, which one has sold better?

From the recent history of, the phone that has sold more units all over the world is the Samsung Galaxy S4 , launched in 2012 and capable of reaching no less than 80 million units sold until it was replaced by its successor, the Galaxy S5. But I’m afraid that South Korea will not have it easy to repeat these figures with their most modern smartphones, and it is even possible that never reach them again.

At least so many analysts suggest, thatwhat heit might not be selling as expected , reaching sales figures lower than those of the previous, which in turn were inferior to those of.

Much to blame for this drop in sales of the company in respect of its higher-end terminals, is due to the increasingly stiff competition that appears every day on the part of other companies, and that little by little is doing jeopardize Samsung’s reign within the telephony segment.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 might not be selling as well as expected

Samsung Galaxy S7, S8 or S9, which one has sold better?

But that the Samsung Galaxy S9 is selling worse than the previous S8, according to analysts, is not only due to the emergence of new rivals in the market. At the beginning of the year, just a few months before the arrival of the S9 and S9 +, we informed you about the, which affected all the manufacturing companies, and which the experts attributed to the lack of innovation on the part of the main firms.

Although the analysts have not offered concrete data, we do know that, at the time, the Samsung Galaxy S7 along with its big brother, the S7 edge, close to 50 million units sold in his first year of life. Meanwhile, in the same period of the following year, the S8 and S8 + sold. The data that, for the moment, we do not know for sure are those of the latest Galaxy S9 and S9 +, although analysts indicate that they are far from reaching the models launched in 2017.

But, Should these data alarm Samsung? Leaving aside the fact that the information is based on studies and assumptions by analysts, and therefore could differ from reality, the truth is that The notable drop in sales year after year should not be an extremely worrying thing for the company , Given theadding all its different ranges and series. Even so, it is clear that, if the brand intends to repeat the 80 million Samsung Galaxy S4 sold in 2012, will have to bet on innovation and not let Huawei and Apple come to put their leadership at risk.


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