Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus with double front camera: best selfies with bokeh effect?


A new filtration puts us behind the track of one of the possible novelties and Features of the Samsung Galaxy S10 . Specifically, the information from Asia points to the implementation of a Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus with double front camera , a configuration that would be completed together with the one already rumored triple back camera and that would serve to enhance the bokeh effect in selfies or self-portraits .

He Samsung Galaxy A8 can be the basis of one of the next novelties of the future family of Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphones composed supposedly by three versions . This has been predicted from the filtering of data from the component production chain, from which it is already advancing that the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus will have double front camera . In this way, the next standard bearer of the South Korean firm would have a total of five cameras .

So Samsung wants to renew the Samsung Galaxy S10 camera

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus with two front cameras

Yes, according to the last report published through the Network of networks , he Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus will make cameras. As much as a total of five cameras . And that is the rumors about the adoption of a triple back camera now the sign of the Dual front camera configuration . Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus with double front camera: best selfies with bokeh effect?

There are no specific specifications on the sensors and lenses, but it is clear that this option, similar to that adopted by the Samsung Galaxy A8, will be focused on improving the capture of selfies . And is that a Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus with double front camera would offer a bokeh effect more defined thanks to the calculation of the depth of field carried out by the second support chamber.

Technical sheets of all Samsung smartphones

However, this time there is no record or mention to Mantis Vision, the assumption 3D facial recognition system that has already come to the fore in previous occasions. A system initially put on the market by Apple in its iPhone X and that subsequently the rest of brands have taken sides. Currently, Oppo, Xiaomi and Vivo have these types of solutions and are expected to follow in the wake of the other brands.

A Samsung Galaxy S10 with triple camera? This is how this concept imagines

Only for the most premium version

Filtration, which also echoes and reoccurs in the triple back camera , which would implement Main camera with variable aperture , a wide angle and a telephoto , affects that double front camera it would only be available on the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. A differentiating feature for the model with Infinity Display of larger size, the same one that would eventually adopt the expected fingerprint sensor integrated into the screen.

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