Samsung Galaxy Note 9: the ideal candidate to launch the Gorilla Glass 6 crystal


Corning presented yesterday a new generation of his hardened glass , he Glass Gorilla Glass 6 . An update that promises until double resistance to falls one meter in front of Gorilla Glass 5 . Improvements that could be seen for the first time in a smartphone at the hand of Samsung and his Galaxy Note 9 .

Despite the existence of numerous types of cases and protectors, one of the biggest fears of smartphone users, especially those more expensive, is the possibility that, in the event of a fall or forgetfulness, the screen will break. And is that the display -and glass cases- has become the weakest point of this type of electronic devices. This is where, in addition to a beautiful design and high performance, also affect manufacturers. The solution to minimize risks goes through the use of hardened, more resistant crystals.

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Corning and his Gorilla Glass 6

One of the most popular companies in this field is Corning and its Gorilla Glass glasses . So far, the greatest exponent in technology and research fell on the Gorilla Glass 5 crystals, but the signature just announced a new generation of this glass. Is about Gorilla Glass 6 and promises to be up to Double of resistant in falls than the previous version.

In fact, the tests carried out indicate that this type of crystal Supports up to 15 falls from a height of one meter , the distance that, according to studies, is more common in this type of situations. This is where the Corning team explains that the new aluminosilicate-based material has been improved. Gorilla Glass 6 has been optimized to withstand a greater number of falls. In short, a more durable glass with greater capacity to protect the screen from shock.

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 9, the perfect candidate

Among the explanations offered by the managers, it was said that Gorilla Glass 6 had been designed to optimize the resistance of smartphones with large screen ratios . We refer to that kind of smartphones all screen . Samsung Galaxy Note 9: the ideal candidate to launch the Gorilla Glass 6 crystal

Likewise, in reference to the sale to the market of Gorilla Glass 6 , the company indicated that it was working with its main customers and that in a matter of a few months it would reach the first models.

This is where Samsung fits with its Galaxy Note 9 since the South Korean firm has historically been a pioneer in this field, Introducing the new generations of Gorilla Glass on their smartphones, before anyone else. Since the Galaxy Note 9 will be present in just over a month and a half, it is more than likely that the Introduction of the Gorilla Glass 6 be one of the phablet novelties , beyond the additional functions for S Pen pointer .

Undoubtedly, a welcome feature for screens like the Galaxy Note 9, which is expected to adopt a new generation of Super AMOLED display of 6.3 inches with 3D design.

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