Safe browsing is possible, and a reliable VPN our best ally

Safe browsing is possible, and a reliable VPN our best ally

We live in a global and connected world , communication networks are an essential part of our life, and although the truth is that they have shortened distances by bringing us closer to our loved ones, it is also true that in some way our privacy has been sacrificed in favor of the total connectivity.

Not in vain, it is quite simple to have a profile of our online activity today , and although obviously stealing data is more complicated because it really involves incurring in crime, there are few cases that we have lived with a Facebookgate still recent.

The quality of data protection has been increasing directly proportional to the large amount of data that applications collect from us , but in a sea of ​​information leaks are usually simpler, so the use of a VPN -Or Virtual Private Network- becomes increasingly necessary to protect our privacy. And what VPN, if not all are reliable? Well, to answer that question,” can help …>

It is an online platform that allows us to perform basic security tasks such as checking our public IP, although its main function is to provide us with information about the best VPN providers in the network , preparing reports with their characteristics, prices or ratings. of the users. And yes, they have also evaluated

Safe browsing is possible, and a reliable VPN our best ally

What has a VPN that should interest us so much?

Well, this is very simple to explain if you have clear what is a local network, which is basically the network that any will have in your home starting from your router and with several connected equipment, either by cable or through Wi-Fi.

A VPN is a virtual private network that encrypts our communications and allows us to connect to our local network through the Internet. That is, without going into technicalities, a VPN would allow you to connect from anywhere as if you did through the connection of your home , encrypting the data and ensuring that your communications are private.

Obviously browsing after a VPN has clear advantages:

  • It allows us to navigate completely anonymously , beyond the private browser mode.

  • Protect our personal and commercial data when entering them in web pages.

  • Using VPNs located in different countries, we can access restricted content locally or regionally as sports broadcasts online, etc.

In addition, its conception and the encryption of our communications will allow you to use open Wi-Fi networks without fear , as your data will remain safe even if there is an attacker in the middle of that open network.

Safe browsing is possible, and a reliable VPN our best ally

If you’re worried about privacy in the network, antivirus and secure passwords are no longer enough

Surely you have experienced situations in which, after having been looking for a product in an online store, the web pages bombed you later with related ads in an inexplicable – or not so inexplicable – way.

It is nothing serious, just that many sites monitor what we do thanks to cookies to offer targeted advertising and use our data for marketing purposes. Navigating privately on the Internet is increasingly complicated , and preventing our information from being used by others is really in our hands.

It seems a truism that using an antivirus and have the safest passwords possible is necessary, and really is, to ensure when surfing the Internet. The bad part comes when we realize that this is no longer enough and we need a VPN to connect in a really private way and that all our data travel encrypted by the network.

Choosing the one that best suits us is not so simple, third-party VPNs are not totally secure as demonstrated by” a few weeks ago so using an evaluation tool that allows us to>check which are the best VPN services both free and paid will be a useful advice Choosing is something that we can not do for you, so we leave that part for you to value …

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