Roger Ver: Ethereum is likely to cross Bitcoin

Bitcoin’s early investor and strong Bitcoin Cash Roger Ver, known as supporter of Ethereum Bitcoin He thinks you will pass.

About a year ago, the price of Ethereum was $ 15 and now it’s over $ 800. Besides this, while Bitcoin reached the $ 20,000 summit I Ethereum He also saw $ 1400.

Roger Ver: Ethereum is likely to cross Bitcoin

Ver says that, with all the innovations, transactions and other things that exist in Ethereum, it is only the rise of Ethereum’s fate.

on YouTube Speaking in a published podcast, Ver said, “When you look at Ethereum, you will see that Bitcoin has to double in just one more time in order to exceed the market value. Bitcoin has lost the summit against Ethereum in numerous metrics. ”

Roger Ver is not the only person who has said such an opinion about ethereum. In May of last year, Fred Wilson, one of Silicon Valley’s known names, said that Ethereum would beat Bitcoin in terms of total market value.

Charlie Lee is not in the same opinion

Litecoin’s founder, Charlie Lee, recently commented on this issue and said that Ethereum would not be able to leave Bitcoin behind in terms of market value in 2018.

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