Robotina ICO Continues

Robotina, a Slovenian-based company, is working to develop intelligent technology products for use in the energy sector. The company, which is aiming to reshape the traditional power network, started ICO’s pre-sales activity days.

The company has nearly thirty years of experience in the global marketplace. Attracting attention with a new solution for energy management, the company takes advantage of the technology that disrupts three techniques in this way. These; Objects are known as internet (IOT), artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain technology.

As a result of inefficient or random use of electrical resources in the world, serious problems have been identified. In order to overcome such problems, it is necessary to make large investments in new infrastructure or to use existing infrastructures more wisely. Robotine The platform provided by the project was designed exactly towards this need.

The target platform to solve the existing problems in the sector is that it contains all the high technologies such as IOT elements and Power Platform (PP). With these features, the platform has the capacity to do thousands of calculations at the moment. All of these calculations provide users with more efficient and quality service opportunities. In addition to Platforma aims to provide an idea sharing community to people Robotine , aims to make people more sensitive by sharing their ideas in this community. According to this, people will discuss how they can make money while consuming electricity or how to evaluate these energies more profitably.

Company established in 1990 Robotine has been operating in this field for many years and has become a solid place in the sector as a result of these years. The company has many internationally recognized products, patents, certificate programs, institutions and a rare precious team. The company, which is multinational, benefits from this wealth.

Robotina ICO It was launched on February 21, 2018. Users who want to join the ICO can buy ROX tokens by taking advantage of the 10% bonus. Through this ICO, the company hopes to collect the necessary funds to realize the projects it is targeting.

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