Ripple fell sharply in statement from Coinbase

The Ripple’s value fell shortly after starting on the flight and climbing over $ 1. Coin’s final price is $ 0.93 and appears to have declined more than 11 percent in the last 24 hours.

Ripple has grown rapidly with yesterday’s gossip that will be added to ‘Coinbase’, which is spreading rapidly in social media. Two factors were effective in spreading this rumor. First, Coinbase 90 of the 500 newly hired employees started work yesterday, and this news was interpreted as a big thing going on in the stock market. The second one Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse and Coinbase’s COO were to be guests of Asiff Hirji’s Fast Money program on the CNBC screens.

Things have reversed by explaining Coinbase

Ripple fell sharply in statement from Coinbase

While the rumors that Ripple will be added to Coinbase are gaining momentum, there is an explanation from the stock market. “We have not made a decision to add any new digital money to the GDAX or Coinbase,” the company said in an official Twitter account.

With this announcement of Coinbase, Ripple prices, which rose 19 percent yesterday, were down. Today, Ripple is the biggest loss in the top 10 digital money in terms of market volume.

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