The richest footballer on the planet

Football is the world’s most popular sport. That is why, footballers’ income is much higher than any other sports players. But do you know, who is the richest footballer on the planet?
There is a lot of speculation over this question? Some people think that it is Cristiano Ronaldo, with net worth of around $235 million. Other people name Lionel Messi, whose net worth is around $220 million.
But have you ever heard about Faiq Bolkiah? No? Well, not a big deal, because he is yet to make a single professional debut for Leicester City. But he is already the world’s richest footballer. Unbelievable?

The richest footballer on the planet
Sultan of Brunei, Hassanal Bolkiah is Faiq’s uncle

Faiq is son of Jefri Bolkia, Prince of Brunei. His uncle, Hassanal Bolkiah, is Sultan of Brunei, worth over $20 billion.

Faiq plays for Leicester City in ELF Cup Tournament. He is a reserved player as midfielder for the team but he is already the world’s wealthiest footballer in the world.

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