Resistance test of Vivo Nex and its retractable camera


There is no doubt that the Vivo Nex is one of the most surprising mobile phones of the moment, not only because of its powerful technical sheet and its screen completely without borders, but above all because of its retractable front camera. Now we have met a test of Resistance of Vivo Nex in front of scratches or fire.

One of the mobiles that are rumored that could adopt the design of front retractable camera, could be the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 , the third generation of the mobile that revolutionized the design of all screen mobiles.

Vivo Nex resistance test

Every time a big top of the range hits the market, we know videos of this type, in which not only the design is put to the test, but also the finish and resistance of the most powerful mobile phones in the market. East I live Nex He is one of them and as you can see he has faced the demanding test. In it to begin, and as usual, we see the general resistance to scratches on the screen, for example, but also in the rest of his body. And in this case, the result is similar to that of many other terminals .

The scratches on the screen are seen in a similar way, while the rest of his body is easy to remove the paint, although yes, on the side and top edges of the terminal. Even the camera retractable strips with some ease , if we take into account that it is being done with a blade. Another of the most characteristic tests is to burn the screen of the phone with a lighter, something that does not affect much to the big screen of this Vivo Nex, so in this aspect behaves quite well.

Resistance test of Vivo Nex and its retractable camera

Moving on to the most characteristic test, we can appreciate how the Vivo Nex bends when enough force is done about him. In fact it can be appreciated especially when force is made on the back shell. In this case, it must be recognized that the Vivo Nex has behaved well , since despite bending slightly, the screen continues to work perfectly. One of the aspects that we would have liked to know was that of the resistance of the retractable camera, but in this case it seems that we will have to wait for another test at least. In any case, taking into account the peculiar design of this terminal, including its fingerprint reader under the screen, it has performed excellently in all tests.

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