Resistance test of the Pocophone F1. How much does Xiaomi's cheap cellphone withstand?


Once again the well-known YouTube channel JerryRigEverything allows us to know how one of the most sought-after smartphones behaves in the face of the most cruel tortures to which it can be subjected. This time the chosen one is the Pocophone F1 , . Will it pass the demanding resistance test of the well-known “executioner”?

Burns, scratches, pressure, folds … everything that comes to your mind that can damage the Xiaomi smartphone will be found in the following video where “Jerry” carries out his resistance test of the Pocophone F1. One of the biggest unknowns that users have before the smartphones is whether the IPS screen and the plastic housing of the phone will be a problem in the event of falls or accidental damage, and this video has a clear answer. This leaves us with as much good news as bad news.

Xiaomi has chosen to use a polycarbonate body, avoiding the monocoque design that almost all high-end phones use today. This causes the smartphone to be scratched quite easily but at the same time it allows to access the components of the in a simple way, and remove them with extreme simplicity, a point in favor of the phone when facing possible repairs.

Approved, but not outstanding

By using a blade to tear the device, we see how the plastic acts as it is, a flimsy material that peels off as soon as Jerry comes into action. Logically we will never use a knife to scratch the phone, but if you do not protect it with a case and carry it in your pocket or purse with some keys, you will soon see notches and bumps in the case and on the sides of the phone of the most unsightly. The metal finish elements that are located between the back and the screen are also easily scratched.

Of course, the plastic used in the manufacture of the mobile adds a point of flexibility to the whole, so when trying to bend the Pocophone F1 we see that it offers enough resistance and flexibility so that the terminal does not break and return to its original state after to exercise the pressure.

Resistance test of the Pocophone F1. How much does Xiaomi's cheap cellphone withstand?

The IPS screen of the , but the panel responds strongly to the external aggressions that we see in the video. Whether they are scratches or burns, the screen will remain untouched for seconds after having been tortured with youtuber procedures.

Other fragile aspects of the device, turn out not to be so much after the test of resistance of the Pocophone F1 . The double rear camera as well as the sensors housed behind the notch and the fingerprint sensor respond perfectly after being treated with the “delicacy” that we usually find in the JerryRigEverything channel, so we must admit that, at this point, Xiaomi has done a great job.

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