Reasons to keep your old smartphone to use it as a second mobile

Reasons to keep your old smartphone to use it as a second mobile

For many of us our smartphone is a tool that helps a lot in the day to day, either saving us time, or allowing us to be more productive through the tools to which we have access thanks to it.

But, as it is logical, in many occasions we find that the mobile phone that we currently have is small or not very powerful, and we have to change it for a better one. And today, let’s explain why you should keep this terminal to use it as a second mobile.

Yes, you should keep your old mobile for these reasons

You may just buy your new mobile and be willing to sell it for four dollars to try to recover some money. But today, we’re going to tell you why, from our point of view, you should not do it.

Logically, the reasons that we are going to give you are applicable if you are moving from a mid-range or low-end mobile phone, relatively decent -or a high range from a few years ago- that is fully usable today. If your old mobile is a Samsung Galaxy Ace with Gingerbread, of course, this article is not for you.

Reasons to keep your old smartphone to use it as a second mobile

To conserve your smartphone better

There are days when we spend our smartphone throughout the day, but others, however, we are hooked to it for a long time. The thing is like that, our use changes according to the circumstances in which we are involved.

And, the truth is that having a second mobile, or a spare phone – call it what you want – is very useful when we give a lot of reed to our main smartphone. The idea is that we will be able to release the first of certain tasks, such as watching a video on YouTube or watching something on the internet while our main terminal loads.

And it is that, sure that you also know somebody -or you are yourself- that uses your mobile phone while you load it, forcing the connector and causing it to end up deteriorating with time, to the point that it is possible that it does not arrive to hold the charging cable securely. And, if it has happened to you, you will know that it is one of the most annoying things that can happen to you with your smartphone

For this reason, use your old smartphone to listen to music -or whatever you want to do- while your smartphone charges, is one of the best preventive solutions to this problem that in many occasions has affected many users.

Reasons to keep your old smartphone to use it as a second mobile

Because on many occasions, you do not need to put your main mobile at risk

Put yourself in situation, you go partying and you know that you are a clumsy person, or you’re just going to do mountaineering during the weekend, and you do not want anything new to happen to your brand-new terminal, It’s the most logical, right?

Well, if you keep your old terminal, you can reserve it for all those occasions when you know that something bad can happen to your main terminal, such as a fall, a loss, or an involuntary soaking on the beach. You’re out of the house, and you will not necessarily miss your main phone while it is safe and secure in your home.

Also, if for whatever reason a catastrophe ends up happening, You will have the satisfaction of knowing that the injured smartphone has been the old one, and not in the one that you just spent a good sum of money recently. Also, think that for the amount that they will give you for your second-hand phone, it is very possible that you can not buy a terminal at the level you have now.

Reasons to keep your old smartphone to use it as a second mobile

To have a spare mobile

We have given reasons that involve the use of your old smartphone, but you may not consider the possibility of using it, unless you have more choice. And precisely that is another of the situations in which you can come well to keep your old mobile.

If, for anything, yours ends up in the technical service, or at the clean point -remember that you have to recycle- you may not have enough money to buy the new mobile that you like, and you will be forced to buy a low range to get out of step, a situation that is more common than it seems.

However, if you still have the smartphone you used before, you can hold the pull with this, and save for your next mobile. Whether it’s death or repair, having a spare mobile phone is going to come to you in luxury, and not just you, but your whole family – as long as you want to share, of course -, So, why throw away a product that can still be very useful?

Reasons to keep your old smartphone to use it as a second mobile


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