What is the reason for the high speed quantum firefox?

The latest version of the Firefox browser is amazingly fast, but what is the reason for this speed?

One of the Mozilla engineers is one of the secret methods of speeding up Firefox 57 called the Quantum.

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Mozilla had already made structural changes to speed up Firefox, but in the 57th version, another hastily trick has been used to increase the loading speed of the pages. This trick boosts the loading speed of the original content by delaying the loading of domain location codes such as Google Analytics.

This is a trick by Hunza Bombas Engineer Mozilla it is developed. Bamboo calls this feature a tailing or “chase”. The way it follows is that when a page is loading loading localization domain codes is delayed to load the site’s main content faster.

Chasing instead of removing location codes simply drags them down for a short time. As a result, the page load speed is improved by decreasing bandwidth usage and computing resources. In fact, with the pursuit trick, browser Places the original content of the page prior to the location code.

Bombasa explains:

“Checking requests and location-related codes only until other resources are uploaded and delayed to six seconds.” This delay is only for codes that have a dynamic or async state. Uploading related images to the location is always delayed. According to standards html This trick is entirely allowed, and sites that have the correct structure will not be a problem as a result of this trick. “

But pursuing on all websites does not work. In some cases, the site page will remain white for a few seconds instead of gradually loading.

“The pursuit goal is to help the browser function by delaying the loading of items that do not appear to be apparent,” Bombas said.

Firefox also plans to consider all HTML pages as unsafe. At this time, the browser will alert you when you enter personal information such as a username and password or bank information on such sites. According to BleepingComputer, the trial version of Firefox 59 has an option that the user can by activating those non- HTTPS Considered insecure.

Consider an option to display a failure warning Security When you open the HTML pages, it’s the first step, and in the future, all the HTML sites will be considered unsafe by default by the Firefox browser.

What do you think of the Quantum Firefox browser? Your comments and experiences?

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