Purchased Apps: How much money have I spent on the Play Store?


Do you spend all day installing apps from the Play Store and do not know exactly where you left the rooms? Quiet, Purchased Apps is an application that will let you know in an easy way which payment applications are part of your personal library.

The Play Store has a section from which you can see all the applications that are registered with your account, however, the list is ordered simply in alphabetical order or by date of installation. The problem with this is that it mixes both free and paid applications, so there is no way to know exactly which are the ones for which we pay money, unless we have free time and review one by one.

Purchased Apps lets you know how much you’ve spent in the Play Store

Purchased Apps: How much money have I spent on the Play Store?

Thanks to this application called Purchased Apps, you can easily and easily know what applications you bought in the Play Store from the first day you entered the virtual store with your account. The application will allow you to make a series of filters with which to differentiate payment applications, free, installed, not installed, and even order by price from more to less expensive and vice versa.

Another function that will probably remove your conscience is to know the total money you have spent in the Play Store, a figure that will add the price of each and every one of the applications you have purchased, although eye, will not include purchases within the application, so all those gems purchased in Clash Royale will not be accounted for.

You will never forget what application you bought months ago

Purchased Apps: How much money have I spent on the Play Store?

Besides knowing the money that you have left in applications, Purchased Apps will also help you to have a clearer vision of the purchased applications, so that you can remember that game that you acquired months ago and did not install again after changing the phone . The application allows you to use several accounts to review the history of several users, and is also able to export a list with the results of the filter that you have applied to share it and show your list of applications purchased.

Purchased Apps is a completely free application that is available in the Play Store and you can download from now following the link that we leave you below.

Download Purchase Apps for Android

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