PUBG Lite: the low-powered mobile version is now available

PUBG Lite: the low-powered mobile version is now available

Yesterday, finally, will have to wait a little longer until they can enjoy the beta.

However, today we are talking about PUBG Lite, the version of the popular Battle Royale game, similar to Fortnite, aimed at all mid-range smartphones and, especially, low-end smartphones, since it has certain features that differ completely from the normal version.

You can now download PUBG Lite!

One of the peculiarities that PUBG Lite has is that the size of the island has been reduced, and also the number of participants in the game. Specifically, the games go from being 100 users on an island of 8 × 8 kilometers to 40 users and on an island of 2 × 2 kilometers, which will benefit users whose phones are low-end.

PUBG Lite: the low-powered mobile version is now available

In addition, this will make it possible for users of this reduced version of the game to continue enjoying a good experience with 3D graphics and with all the graphic interface that the game has that is also causing a furore on PC.

This game is specially designed for terminals that are around 1 GB of RAM, so, as you can imagine, there is a great work behind the application, and we think it’s something wonderful, since not everyone has a current mobile range medium or high

Regarding weapons, we will find an identical assortment of weapons and objects that we can use within the game, that is, the only thing that really changes is the size of the island and the number of players, and it is still free, that also It is important.

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