PUBG for Android on Google Play, but APK does not work


The arrival of PUBG to Android through 2 different titles PUBG Mobile Game: Battlefield and PUBG Mobile Game: Army Attack . Both are already available for just over a month in China, with the limitations of being a game without translation and the obligation to log in with QQ or WeChat accounts.

For that reason at that time we did not want to explain how to download the APK from PUBG for Android , since the gaming experience was totally “cumbersome”. However, now the game reaches Canadian lands, which allows us to test the international app of PUBG for Android, translated into English and without the need to use Chinese apps.

Or that would happen, without working.

International APK of PUBG for Android

After the announcement of the arrival of Fortnite for mobile , its maximum rival and competitor, PUBG , has just been published in Canada. Normally this type of staggered releases allows you to extract the APK from the game to install it on all types of devices, and this is not going to be a different case.

PUBG for Android on Google Play, but APK does not work

you’re about to appear in China, where Tencent released the two versions of the popular PvP game, now the first of them, the classic Player Unknows Battle Royale lands on Android in its international version. It is hoped that this is the beginning of an expansion of the application globally, since it already has the relevant English translations as well as compatibility with Google Play Games and the ability to log in with our Facebook account.

Since the game has been released in Canada, if you access the Google Play Store you will not find the PUBG download for Android . However, you can always proceed to install the app manually. For this, the first thing you should do is download the APK of the game in the root of your mobile phone. Then you must go to the security settings of your phone to allow the installation of applications from unknown sources. then press on the APK downloaded and wait for the installation to complete.

Unfortunately, to this day, the message continues that even if you have installed PUBG for Android , you can not play the game because “you have not bought the app. That is why although it is already available PUBG APK for Android , we recommend you do not download or install it, because the file weighs more than 600 MB, a more than considerable space on your mobile.

PUBG for Android on Google Play, but APK does not work

Currently PUBG for Android is in beta , so do not despair if you find some flaws during the execution of the game (when you get to try it). If you have an XBOX One with the downloaded title, surely you know what we are talking about.

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