Project Dragonfly: this is the mission that Google plans to return to China

Project Dragonfly: this is the mission that Google plans to return to China

We can not say that relations between Google and the government of China are very good. The company was for a short period of time in the Asian country, creating its search engine in 2006. However, things were getting complicated and the Chinese government censored the portal .

Everything was worse, YouTube was also censored in 2009 and after many pressures, Google left China in 2010 . However, the Mountain View have not given up, and prepare a new attempt to reach the Asian power.

This is the project that Google will return to China

Project Dragonfly is the name chosen for the mission that aims to take Google to China. Sundar Pichai, CEO of the American company, has given a statement on the matter at the Wired 25 conference, where he has reviewed one of the most complicated projects of recent times for the firm.

The first thing he wanted to make clear is that Google has not left China, since Android is very popular in the Asian country and have engineers working there. However, it does admit that Dragonfly is an internal project in which they have been working for 8 years and that they pursue a main objective, to return the Google search engine . On the other hand, the possibility has been rumored that they also plan to take Google News to the eastern giant.

“We want to balance with what the conditions would be. It’s very early, we do not know whether we would like this in China, but we felt that it was important for us to explore. ”

From Google they believe that weighing all the possibilities and conditions is very important before approaching a country. However, they believe their return is necessary in order to offer better conditions than their current competitors in China.

Therefore, they will be prudent, but in a society like ours, freedom and free access to information is a right . It is your mission to return such an important service to a country that has about 1,370 million inhabitants, 20% of the world’s population .

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