Problems in Google Play: a bug causes search results to recur

Problems in Google Play: a bug causes search results to recur

Google Play seems to be experiencing problems during the last days. Apparently, a bug in the app store is causing searches show repeated results indefinitely . The error has been reported in the first place, and we have been able to replicate it in several devices with different versions of Android, as well as on the store’s website.

It is not the first problem suffered by the Android application store in recent days . Yesterday,it prevented to see the complete list of applications of a same developer, something very similar to which today we can see in the results of search.

Google Play searches are showing duplicate results

In the catches on these lines you can see what does the aforementioned error really consist of? . In the first image – to the left – we try to perform the search “WhatsApp” in Google Play, which generates a series of results. However, when scrolling through the list of results -second capture, in the center- we see how some of them repeat themselves, and the same when continuing to go down the list. These repetitions appear indefinitely.

But not only limited to this search. Whatever the term entered in the Google Play top search bar, the results will appear constantly, creating a loop that prevents the user from discovering new apps related to their search. While this should not be too serious a problem when looking for specific applications, the same does not happen when performing generic searches.

For now the reason that caused this error is completely unknown , and Google has not commented on it. Be that as it may, we trust that the “big G” will be able to solve the last problems suffered by the store in the last days as soon as possible.


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