Problems for the OnePlus 6 battery after its last update


The OnePlus 6 is undoubtedly one of the most desired mobile of the moment, we can not ignore that, it has an impressive technical sheet and a competitive price. But as is logical, it is not without problems, the last of them has to do with problems in the OnePlus 6 battery after the last update.

A few weeks ago we told you that the OnePlus 6 already had a recovery in conditions, that of TWRP no less. Thanks to him the terminal users can now install alternative ROMs and load apps developed by the large community behind them.

Increases the battery consumption of the OnePlus 6

Let’s see, is something that happens with some frequency in different phones, regardless of the manufacturer we are talking about, and this time it has been OnePlus who has “screwed up” in the last update of the operating system . At least that is what many users are “denouncing” once again in the official forums of the company. And it does not seem to be a Battery consumption moderately higher, but much higher , as can be known from the experiences of users.

Problems for the OnePlus 6 battery after its last update

In fact there are those who assure that tra s update your phone to the version of OxygenOS 5.1.8 have seen how the Phone autonomy has fallen by 50% . There are cases of users that with 50% of the battery consumed have seen how the phone has suddenly turned off . As is logical, some reasons are already being considered for which the OnePlus 6 could be spending more battery than normal. And everything points to that it has been some adjustment of the way in which the phone manages the energy consumed by the screen.

Problems for the OnePlus 6 battery after its last update

A user has reported that after an hour listening to the radio has lost 20% of the battery , and that this consumption according to the phone itself is directly related, for the most part, to the consumption of the screen. And it seems that this is not the only problem that has brought this update, since other users also talk about an erratic operation of the camera app. This in some cases remains frozen and does not work as smoothly as usual. In any case, it seems more a case in point than something pandemic. In any case it seems that the battery is being the most affected of this update. Have you had these problems? If so, do not hesitate to tell us, without forgetting that you can enter when you want to our OnePlus forum in Movilzona .

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