Prices of the iPhone Xs and Xs Max in Vodafone


Punctual like a clock, today Apple begins to sell its new iPhone of 2018. A few minutes ago the reserve period of the smartphones presented last Wednesday began, with the exception of the that will hit the market next month. With its early appearance in the country’s operators, we reviewed the prices of the iPhone Xs and Xs Max in Vodafone.

Vodafone is one of the first operators that allow knowing the price of the and the , the two stars of the Apple catalog. But the operator has also turned to the launch of other devices of the American manufacturer presented with the new phones, the Apple Watch series 4. The company announced yesterday the arrival of Vodafone OneNumber , a digital service that will replace the SIM physical and that .

However, there are many who expected to know the prices of the iPhone XS and iPhone Xs Max associated with any of the Vodafone rates. We do not wait for you:

Prices of the iPhone XS and Xs Max with Vodafone rates

What is most striking about the sale of the new iPhone Xs in Spain, with vodafone, is that there is no reference to the 512 GB model, the most interesting of all but, at the same time, the most expensive in any of the models , be it the iPhone Xs or the iPhone XS Max. In fact the operator sells two models of iPhone Xs , and only the variant with 256 GB of the iPhone Xs Max .

For the time being, we do not know if the sale of the 512 GB iPhone XS, as well as that of its older brother with the same internal storage, will be exclusive to some other Spanish operator. However, these are the prices of Apple’s new mobile phones with Vodafone .

Prices of the iPhone Xs and Xs Max in Vodafone

There are two modalities when buying the iPhone Xs and the iPhone Xs Max in Vodafone : with or without initial payment. If you accept the cheapest operator rates (Mini S, Mini M and Turbo Yuser) you will have to pay 139 euros at the beginning of the contract, but the monthly payment will be cheaper (39, 45.5 or 50 euros per month). If you avoid the initial payment, the monthly payments, in both cases, amount to 44, 41 or 55.5 euros per month, which slightly increases the final price of the smartphone.

At the moment, the prices of the iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max with Vodafone only offer the information of the acquisition of mobiles with a mobile contract. It is expected that, throughout the day, the prices of mobile phones will also appear

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