Prices and tariffs for O2, the new Telefónica operator in Spain


O2 is a brand of recognized prestige in regions such as the United Kingdom, and has been the name chosen by Telefónica for, with Pedro Serrahima At the helm, baptize your new operator in Spain. O2 will coexist in space and time with Movistar Y Tuenti , and reaches the market to face other operators as Pepephone , Amena or Lowi .

Today was the day chosen by Telefónica to show all the information of the new operator, detailing all the details, O2 prices and rates . The objective of this new brand is to lead a market where the “second operators” of brands such as Vodafone, Orange, MásMóvil and Telefonica itself enjoy a great reception among a clientele that is finding it increasingly difficult to opt for one offer or another.

Prices and tariffs for O2, the new Telefónica operator in Spain

O2 is born

Telephone could have chosen to use a new name to give life to its new operator but, instead, has chosen to use the brand that has a recognized prestige in the United Kingdom or Germany, “One of the best in the world” and that became a classic of the Arsenal shirt years ago. Now this will be the name by which the last one will be known operator in arriving at the market, whose information is being revealed in these precise instants in the telephone headquarters in Madrid.

All these data we already knew but today, finally, we can know in detail the O2 offer for clients, which may contract their services within a few weeks.

Prices and tariffs for O2, the new Telefónica operator in Spain

O2 arrives to cover the gap of simple premium communications. We are not talking about a low-cost operator , well Telephone indicates that for this type of customers customers have at their disposal the complete offer of Tuenti Móvil. The focus of O2 is customer service and is aimed at users who want only communications, without complications

O2 prices and rates

Before we dive in to reveal the O2 rates in Spain , it is appropriate to point out that the offer will vary according to the region in which we find ourselves. We explain: the main offer will be available in the 66 cities rated by the CNMC as a competitive zone , That is, when there is at least 20% of the population with fiber optic coverage of three different operators. When any of the cities that do not fall within this categorization come to be cataloged as competitive by the CNMC, the company will return to the client, retroactively, everything overcharged in the time since it contracted its O2 rate until your city became competitive.

Prices and tariffs for O2, the new Telefónica operator in Spain

Once this has been clarified, it is time to get to know the O2 prices and rates for mobile . If you want know the combined offer of O2 , you do not have to go through the page of our ADSLZone colleagues.

The surprise comes when knowing that there will only be one mobile offer. The brand wants O2 to be an easy, simple and uncomplicated operator, and what better example of it than to present a single offer:

  • O2 rate : Unlimited calls with 20 GB of data to navigate 20 euros per month.

Beyond focusing on offering more harm than anyone, the brand has a clear objective, that people do not have to talk to the operator and forget any kind of problem. The customer service will be totally different from what we know so far , because the operators of the support center will not have bonuses or prizes for selling anything and will not depend on a supervisor. In fact, if for any reason we need to talk to an agent, he will always talk to the same agent again.

When to hire?

We will not have to wait too long to hire the rates the O2 rate , as the commercial pilot starts on June 20. The final launch of the brand in our country will take place in September.

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