Price of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 with Orange


Presented officially in New York, the closure opens. To the announcement of Samsung with the pre-purchase of the Galaxy Note 9 , it is the turn of the operators and their offers. The first to open fire in Spain has been Orange , which already shows on its website the prices of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 associated with its rates, whether mobile or convergent offer.

As usual, the presentation of a model with great repercussion in the market is preceded by the publication of the offers endorsed by the operators. An interesting move for these if we take into account that many of the customers decide to make the purchase of a terminal through their stores. Purchases that benefit many through fractional payment systemsfinancing – and, more interestingly, with discounts on the final price when associating the transaction with any of the operator’s fees.

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Price of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 in Orange

As we already anticipated, Orange is the first to publish its offers associated with the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 . The gala operator also initiates the presale of the device in its two versions of 128 and 512 GB from today, August 9. The prices of the model, with the installment payment of the teleco, start from 39.95 euros for the first and 49.95 euros for the second, prices associated with the Arias Love Total Family, Love Without Limits and Love Family Without Limits . Price of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 with Orange

However, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 can also be purchased under the contract of any of Orange’s mobile rates , without fiber or TV. In any case, Note 9 prices start from 24.75 euros per month with the Squirrel, Essential or Kids rates , after initial payment of 389 euros . The fee increases to 30 and 31 euros with Go rates and an initial payment of 239 euros .

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You can check the complete price list from the following graph: Price of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 with Orange

Discounts and additional gifts

In the same way that Samsung has carried out its online store, Orange also offers the company’s Samsung Mobile Care insurance completely free for two years, a gift valued at 129 euros . The user has 30 days to activate it from the purchase of the terminal, which will be sent from August 24.

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Also, we must remember that Orange offers additional GB in its mobile rates when buying a mobile in installments from your store. With the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, the operator’s customers can get bonuses of up to 10 GB per month for two years, depending on the contracted rate. Price of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 with Orange

On the other hand, during this month of August, Orange also launches a bonus of up to 200 euros if, when you buy the new Galaxy Note 9, you deliver your old Galaxy Note. In the case of delivering any other Android smartphone, the refund will be 100 euros.

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