Pokémon GO: the 4th generation of creatures is about to arrive

Pokémon GO: the 4th generation of creatures is about to arrive

We told you a few days ago,

This time we come to tell you that new updates are about to reach the popular game, to make way for the 4th generation of creatures. New Pokémon are waking up from Sinnoh, and the company has released some videos so we can get ready.

New creatures are about to reach Pokémon GO

You can see it in the first of the videos that we leave below, the time has come for the 4th generation of Pokémon to come into play . Creatures like Turtwig, Chimchar and Piplup, the initials of this generation, are awakening, and we can see their first signs in this video. They will not arrive alone, all kinds of beings from the Sinnoh region will appear in the streets of your city.

In addition, and on the occasion of the arrival of Meltan, during this winter we can find new missions in Pokémon GO . New tasks and investigations that will take us to this mysterious being. For now we do not know when exactly it will arrive, but it is much closer than you imagine.

Meltan and the 4th generation are not the only novelty, as the next updates will also affect the battles . A series of quite important adjustments will be made, as happened in 2016. Both the defense and the “Combat Points” will undergo changes.

Pokémon GO may not have the huge number of active users that a couple of years ago, but there is no doubt that it was unsustainable. However, with the latest updates have made many of us to play again , if only to test the changes.

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