Pokémon GO releases 4th generation creatures and enhanced augmented reality (AR +)


We have been witnessing a lot of rumors about some of the news that are about to arrive in Pokémon GO and we can finally leave them behind, because the analysis of the latest update of the application advances the arrival of the 4th generation creatures and enhanced augmented reality (AR +) in Android.

What a user looks for when playing is to hunt as many different creatures as possible. For this reason, every time new Pokémon arrive to the game, the number of active users in the Niantic title grows. The addition of new captivating Pokémon is always a reason to celebrate for the fans of the game and this time all of them will have the opportunity to get hold of the creatures of the Sinnoh region that appear in the fourth generation of games in the series.

At the moment you will not find the pokemon of fourth generation in Pokémon GO because they have been located in the code of the most recent version of the game. It is expected that the company will enable them in the next update of the game, both in its version of Android and its version for iPhone.

AR + in Pokémon GO for Android

The arrival of enhanced augmented reality, also known as AR +, is one of the new features of Pokémon GO for Android that users of the google operating system have been waiting for for some time. remember that iOS players that allows pokémon to be fixed at a point in space, being able to zoom in and zoom out to see their real size, that is, in a much more realistic way than they seem until now.

Pokémon GO releases 4th generation creatures and enhanced augmented reality (AR +)

But the augmented reality mode will not be available on all phones. Only some terminals will allow you to get close to the monsters, and catch them closely to get special bonuses in the game. The mode will be exclusive for , the enhanced augmented reality of Google that increases the intelligence of our devices to be more effective and efficient when it comes to recognizing the world around us.

The latest Pokémon GO news found in the game are slight changes in notifications, the usual bug fixes of each new version and a new adaptive icon for compatible smartphones.

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