Playboy Company Improves Crypto Money

Playboy Company Improves Crypto Money
Playboy Company Improves Crypto Money

Playboy announced that it will develop its own crypto money from the pioneers of the adult content industry. Yesterday, the company said in a statement that the payment of crypto money will be tested first on the Playboy TV web portal. Platform members will be able to access adult content, private videos, enhanced reality, and virtual reality videos by paying crypto money.

Adult content and entertainment company Playboy Enterprises was founded in 1953 by Hugh Hefner. The California-based company that dominates the adult content industry operates in about 180 countries with magazines, internet, television and radio channels. The company is now preparing to accept payments by crypto money in the internet site with a rogue move. Reena Patel, president of Playboy Enterprises business operations and operations, explains the company’s decision as follows:

“In this era when alternative payment platforms have become very popular, we think we need to offer increased payment flexibility to our 100 million customers on a monthly basis.”

VIT token

Playboy’s multi-crypto purse will include popular crypto money and a special token named Vice Industry Token (VIT). Users paying cryptographic fees for adult content will be awarded “VIT tokens” that will be used to view Playboy.TV’s original content and to comment and vote for content. Patel goes on to say:

“In addition to millions of people enjoying our content, future users of the game, AR and VR platform will be able to pay more with this innovation. Our users who benefit from Playboy’s special offers will be rewarded with a VIT token. ”

On the other hand, it would be wrong to say that Playboy is one of the new passengers of the crypto money industry. Because the company’s Playboy Plus site started accepting BTC in February 2014.

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