Pixel Launcher Mods is updated with new features such as automatic dark mode


We have a great variety of launchers in Google Play , with options such as Not going or Apex Launcher . However, there are developers who want to go further and give this type of software greater functionality thanks to the Mods . It is the case of Pixel Launcher Mods , which now integrates a series of novelties with its latest upgrade .

The simplicity, effectiveness and fluidity of Android series launcher He has captivated many. For this reason, there are many developers who have taken their base to compile alternative versions, with additions that enhance their functionality and chapter of options thanks to superuser permissions. In the case of Pixel Launcher Mods , this alternative wins whole with its latest update.

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News from Pixel Launcher Mods

Out of the forums XDA , the Pixel Launcher Mods receives a new update to improve the use experience offered by the series Launcher. In addition to the strengths offered from the base of the Original Pixel Launcher , released by Google on their smartphones, Pixel Launcher Mods now it has additional additions that we have listed. This Mod is compatible, in fact, with all launchers based on Launcher3

And what is in this Pixel Launcher Mods? One of the improvements received is the ability to customize icons in an individualized way, although it also supports the installation of alternative icon packages. Pixel Launcher Mods is updated with new features such as automatic dark mode

Another option of Pixel Launcher Mods is the possibility of hide the clock from the main Android screen . An option available from the settings section of the app.

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Also, as detailed by the developer in the change list, the option of turn off the screen with a double touch in a widget.

In this sense, the Mod also gains functionalities in the field of widgets given that it allows modify the size of them up to one 1 × 1 scale . Pixel Launcher Mods is updated with new features such as automatic dark mode

Automatic dark mode

Finally, and perhaps the most outstanding detail, Pixel Launcher Mods integrates a automatic dark mode which is activated during the night or at times when the battery saving mode comes on. This option, as dictated by the news section, requires having installed Android P , so it would be reduced to the models that currently support this version, such as Google Pixel, OnePlus 6, Nokia 7 Plus, Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S or Sony Xperia XZ2, among others.

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