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Pixel Experience based on Android 9 Pie for the Pocophone F1


For many of the range super-tops that are now coming out, the Pocophone F1 is still probably the most prominent phone of this second half of the year. That is why, although recently we tell you how to enjoy the pure version of Android 8.1 on the phone, now we must do the same with the new Pixel Experience based on Android 9 .

Do you want to have the most up-to-date Pixel experience on your PocoPhone F1? Well, the solution is here. A user of the forums of XDA Developers has already put into circulation the first official build of Pixel Experience based on Android 9 Pie for the Little F1, allowing you to enjoy many of the exclusive software features of Pixel. We explain how to proceed to have it already.

Install Pixel Experience (Android 9 Pie) on the Pocophone F1

Although at this point the installation process should have more than learned, we reviewed with you the steps to follow so you do not get lost – the first two contemplate that you do not even have the bootloader unlocked; If this is not the case, go to point 3:

  1. In case you do not have the bootloader unlocked, you must request the code from Xiaomi in its ” Unlock Your My Device ” section.
  2. Once the permission has been obtained (it may take several days) and with the My Unlock app installed, proceed to unlock.
  3. With the bootloader open , you must download a compatible version of TWRP for the Pocophone F1 .
  4. Once the custom recovery is installed, download the Pixel Experience package (Android 9) for the Little F1 (zip).
  5. You only have to install the ROM Pixel Experience – whose Gapps also do not have to flash, since they are included.

Below these lines you can see some captures , provided in the photo itself, where you can see how the interface of your PocoPhone F1 will look, if you dare with this installation.

The person in charge of this ROM confirms by the way that everything works without problems (WiFi, mobile data, Bluetooth connection, sound, vibration of the terminal, GPS, etc.), but that you could find faults when using the function hostpot as well as the infrared camera of the phone. Keep this in mind before proceeding with the installation of this package, whose status is still considered “beta”.

Also encourage you to make a backup of all your data and documents before proceeding to touch the phone and ask your questions in specialized forums if this is the first time you dare to do so.

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