Phone House launches service to recover data from a damaged mobile


If it has not happened to you at any time, you do not know the bad time that happens when, by whims of destiny, your smartphone suffers an accident and all the data that you had stored in it is in serious danger. Although more and more users are making their , there are many phone owners who do not know what to do when their phone breaks.

Thinking of all of them, Phone House launches a new service that can be contracted as soon as you buy a new phone in the phone shop. It protects the data of your mobile phone for one or two years in case it is accidentally damaged. This new service allows you to recover data from a damaged mobile , regardless of whether it has been wet or burned or if it has fallen from a fifth floor and its status is total loss.

Phone House launches service to recover data from a damaged mobile

And is that today about 20 % of mobile devices that we use every day suffers an irreparable accident with the consequent loss of information that we have housed in it. recuperación de datos para móviles y tablets que permite recuperar toda esa información hasta en un 95% de los casos. Telephone numbers, documents, photographs, videos, etc … The telephone distributor launches a new data recovery product for mobile phones and tablets that allows recovering all that information up to 95% of cases.

Phone House data recovery service

There are two ways to recover data on a damaged mobile phone through Phone House. The first of all is hiring the service at the time of buying a new phone in the store. If you have not hired it, it is not a problem either, since you can use any device, purchased where it was purchased, to make use of the information recovery service once the phone has been damaged for any reason. el servicio anual o bianual, después de haber sido peritado por uno de los técnicos de cualquiera de los centros de reparación de la compañía. You can always hire the annual or biannual service, after having been evaluated by one of the technicians of any of the repair centers of the company.

Phone House launches service to recover data from a damaged mobile

Once the information on the damaged mobile has been saved , it is inserted in an encrypted flash drive so that the customer can download it to their new device or keep it stored on their computer and that no one can have access to that information.

The service will arrive first at all the Phone House stores , being able to contract from the first moment or after the purchase of a telephone. The brand hopes to enable the recovery of data from a damaged mobile also from its website before Christmas.

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