Petro and other crypto money will be accepted in plane ticket sales

Venezuela’s petroleum-backed crypto money Petro continues to adorn the headlines, as Carlos Vargas, the country’s chief responsible for the crypto lance, informs the airlines in Venezuela that they can now accept Petro and other crypt money as a payment method.

In a tweet that Vargas shared via his personal Twitter account, Petro and other crypto money said that they were allowed to sell tickets for domestic and international flights.

Petro and other crypto money will be accepted in plane ticket sales

Nicolas Maduro has ordered Petro to be used to buy and sell products and services from several state-owned businesses. These include PDVSA, a state-owned oil and gas company, as well as another company that manufactures precious metals.

According to local news sources, Petro, according to Telesur, attracts investors and entrepreneurs from 127 different countries starting from February 20th. Maduro recently announced that 171 thousand purchase orders for Petro were given. It was reported that 40.8 percent of these purchase orders were given in US Dollars, 6.5 percent in Euros, 33.8 percent in Bitcoin and 18.4 percent in Ethereum. Telesur has noted that a trade area has been created that has exceeded 3 billion dollars so far, but these claims were not supported by any evidence.

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